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Monday, March 2, 2015

Flags of the American Revolution Top is Finished!

Yay! This project went quickly, didn't it? Lori set a fast pace and here we are six months later with a cool patriotic quilt top complete.

Here are February's assigned blocks:
I just couldn't sew the word "Death" on a quilt that someday a loved one might sleep under. I know it's inauthentic, and I am being superstitious, but too bad.

I redid this block with an antique block from a friend and , having paid close attention to other quilters' input, I redid the tiny tree in hand dyed wool.

Here's the signature block.

Many thanks to all my friends who pitched in to help sew, to Lori for the Eagle's star fabric, to H for the antique block from his mother's block collection. Mel, L, and BJ all sewed many of the appliques when my hand was so painful this fall. Thank you all, it made this a special project.

Here the top is complete! I'm relieved to find my fabrics and colors work okay.Though the Star to the left of 76 isn't so good. Redo?

I was determined to mostly use stash fabrics for this quilt. The Dark border is a navy and white star print that I overdyed with dark brown, for a less gaudy effect.

You guys know I always make a big deal over the backing! I have this red star fabric, about 3 1/3 yards, from my stash. It's not as wildly vibrant as in the second photo but it maybe could use a tea bath.

I will piece it with something else to make it big enough. Like this  from Home Sew [thanks, Mel]. Look at that great price! Or maybe I'll find the 2000 millennium Eagle fabric, khaki colored, that I have somewhere.[It's always hiding when I want it]

edit: Yay! I found the Millennium fabric:

And this nice butterscotch dot  sateen:

Also this patriotic toile, in case I need to piece the backing to make it wide enough for my quilter? I could set a section of this across the middle back. [1 1/2 yards only.

I'm so pleased to find stash options for my backing.
I made this quilt in honor of my dad and his handmade Cape Cod cottage flags. It would have been his birthday last week, and I was happy to finish for his special day.

I read this and laugh---my dad would have been very unimpressed! He didn't believe an ''artist'' should use a pattern made by someone else and he'd not have been too pleased that I used Jan Patek's wonderful folk art Flags. But---that's okay.

"I done my best."

Thank you, Lori, for a fun project! (Humble Quilts  http://humblequilts.blogspot.com ).



gone to the beach......

Please be sure to go to Lori's blog to see everyone else's Flags: here


  1. I love it and do not think you need to redo any blocks! I'll have to scrape around my stash for some backing too, but need to find a quilter to quilt it for me. Love your label too! And I think your dad will forgive you for using a pattern! :)

  2. I love your fabric choices and wouldn't dream of redoing that block. I simplified the Liberty or Death block as well. Your label is neat too. Looks like you have some great backing options. I too will piece my backing from this and that. It can be a fun process.

  3. Wonderful quilt and wonderful friends! Love the label :)

  4. Dear Liz,
    great finish, congratulations, love your colors, they look like being at the beach a bit for me. I am so far away from any water, it is almost depressing. Love your finished top.

  5. Lizzy your quilt is wonderful! Do not re do the block!!

  6. Your quilt turned out just wonderful. Isn’t it nice to have friends you can count on to lend a hand when needed.
    Your Dads flags are beautiful .

  7. Your post is sort of like an acceptance speech at the Academy Awards! Such a good finish and how nice to have friends to help you along the way.

  8. I love this quilt top. My favorite for the backing would be the Millennium fabric. I hope you post photos of the finished quilt when it is done..

    I am always inspired by your beach photos. I take a few when I walk my beach, but rarely are they worth sharing. At least I am inspired to walk!!

  9. What a great quilt. I wouldn't change any of the blocks. Each one is so special. I, too, would not have put the word "death" on the quilt. It's just not a word I associate with a beautiful, warm, loving quilt.

    I'm with Wanda. My beach shots look nothing like your pics. I just can't seem to capture the same beauty you do. Perhaps because I'm surrounded by a different ocean? LOL.


    1. Hunter and Wanda---I m happy you enjoy my beach pix! One trick is to take a LOT of photos. I take many many pictures and look at them all on a large monitor/ edit them as needed. Also when youre shooting your scene, take the time to really look at what your capturing. It s hard with outdoor cell phone screens but I try.

  10. LOVE IT! Your Dad would too! I kinda like the butterscotch fabric.

    It's no secret that people are drawn to those like themselves. That's why YOU have such lovely friends that rally when you need help :)


    1. Thanks Kel! I do have good friends! You told me you don t sew or probably you d have been roped into helping too!



  11. Is it my imagination (or my monitor) or does the toile print 'go with' the butterscotch dot fabric really well? I'm kind of partial to the Faded Glory print for the backing, but from your stash I kinda like the butterscotch and toile idea....

    Well, I don't think like your dad - you may have used a pattern but you added your own tweaks and adjustments as any artist would. And that makes it unique!

  12. What a great finish!! Love your Dad's flag and how you incorporated it into your quilt blocks. Aren't quilting friends the best? Can't wait to see your backing choice and quilting!


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