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Sunday, March 8, 2015

I Hesitate to even Write This: "Snow"

fog bank with snow inside

Hi guys! Hope your weekend was good? Sunny if not warm? Today I have---yes, big sigh---snow pictures to share. Now I know we're all sick and tired of snow but, well, it's all I got here. Lots of snow.
Snow beaches and sequin-sparkling turquoise water:

The first set was taken from a moving car the day after the big storm. We're driving through the outer beaches and then over the bridges to the mainland.

Because the snow is so deep, the beach is still inaccessible. Not even the bird sanctuary is open for walking. I walked here in the marina instead. Views are north over the bay and marshes, to the mainland.

Here's my little guy in the snow on Thursday night. We couldn't go out that night into the storm, so Mo played on the deck. I shovelled all day and only managed to keep this small space clear.

This is my partial February dog walking log [I forget to log in about half the time]. Considering the temperatures were mostly below 20* and that there were days Mo and I could not get out at all---and for safety I had to eliminate our evening long walk---I think Mo and I did okay.  31 hours / 42 miles in single digit wind chills! Good thing Mo's a tough little man.

Sunny days are coming! Bringing the dreaded, unattractive THAW?

[I hate spring....]



gone to the beach


  1. Argh! I feel for you. I remember those days all too clearly. Great job on the walking in spite of the snow. Hang in there! :) Kit

  2. I'm sure the melt will be a mess, but how nice to have it gone!

  3. Hey, getting out AT ALL in that weather is impressive to me! I hide out indoors! The photos of the water and piers came out nice, the water looks really interesting in those. I love your photos!

  4. The fog bank with snow is amazing! All the photos are great. Don't think I've ever seen an empty marina before, makes for good pics.

    I am sooo impressed with the amount of waking you did last month. I hope you're satisfied with it?

    Hope March is quiet weather-wise for you.


    1. Hi Kel! Not sure we'll have a quiet March, but we can hope. When I was growing up in the midwest, March was kite-flying season. We d make handmade kites ---some very large and some very very small. And we d hope for a windy day.

      All the boats come out of the water at that marina, come December. I ll have to pop into the other marina, where the big sailing yachts and fishing boats are moored. I m not sure if some of the biggest boats stay in the water or not.

      The walking--well, it s less than I d usually aim for, which would be ---not necessariy with Mo---between 3 to 5 miles a day , 5 or 6 days a week. But since I was ill in 2013 I ve never gotten entirely back to that goal, so yes, I m okay with the numbers.

      Lucky you, summer all the time...



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    1. Hi Jesse! Welcome to the beach! I m glad you enjoyed my photos and I hope to see you around here again soon. btw you re a No Reply blogger, so either email me your email addy or look for replies here. Or consider adding your email to your Google Friend profile? I try hard to answer all comments and questions.



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