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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Looking for a Hint of Spring

Hi everyone! We've had a bit of a thaw the past couple days, but the melting snow just accentuates the dull brown and grey barrenness of our winter world. My friend L and I headed off today on an adventure, hoping to find the spring flower show at the big nursery on the north shore. [This is the garden center where, in Nelson DeMille's bestseller Gold Coast, the hero meets the bad guy for the first time. I always get a kick out of that, since it's a favorite book of mine.]

Oddly, the greenhouses are filled with little birds,
who must come inside because
they're attracted to the flowers and warmth.

I took lots of photos, so that you all can walk with us in the warm fragrant greenhouses, and we can all enjoy this little afternoon of springtime.
Colors were very intense and brilliant, mostly


I love these colors


These funny potato things are Elephant ears. They become huge palm-like plants [in back of the bulbs], very fun, though perhaps too exuberant in size for my deck.

l especially enjoyed the Easter decorations. I love all the traditional spring bulbs in bloom and mossy Easter baskets filled with tiny real plants. They even sell bedding flats of tulips and daffodils, in case you forgot last fall.

Then they had a selection of very beautifully planted, detailed Wardian case terrariums.

Even the parking lot is beautifully planted for the Spring Garden Show.

Back home I had to be content with my homegrown blue hyacinths. Small scale in comparison, but I am very pleased. The dumpster Delft pot finally is a success!

Mo of course had to stay home. Here he is this morning when I tried to get him up. He has daylight savings dysfunction!

''don't wanna...''
Later he perked up and sat out in his chair at my friends' house.

And on our walk we found tiny green daffodil shoots.

Spring hasn't sprung but the earth is awakening at last. Anything peeking through the snow at your house? Or is it warm and wonderful year round?



gone to the beach......


  1. What a wonderful walk. So full of color.

    My daffodils and my roses are two of the very few things I miss from California. I do buy daffodils if they make it into the store.

    Thanks for sharing. I will also admit that Mo and I were in the same mood today. I could have stayed in bed all day.

    Wishing you a great weekend.


  2. What a nice reminder that winter is ending.

    1. My favorite are the daffodils! A real sign of spring.

  3. Hi, what wonderful colorful photos. So different from the others you have posted recently. Love seeing all of the flowers, and the terrariums are really special. I used to have one as a kid (not as fancy as these), I think it was a kit or something that I had requested for Christmas one year. My oldest brother snuck into my room one day and planted 'pot' seeds in it. He thought I was napping and that I didn't see him. Well, I did, and I dug them up as soon as he left. The nerve :)

    Mo is apparently not the only one that was hit hard by 'springing forward' this year. I've heard so many people complaining about how they just can't adjust. Mo is definitely the most charming sleepy head of them all.

    Well, this is not a complaint, and I am not trying to rub it in, but cheese and crackers when I left the grocery store today the car said it was 97 degrees. I figured it was because the car had been parked in the lot and that when I started to move along, the temperature would fall. It DIDN'T! Another minute went by and it was 98, then 99, then 100. I was getting closer to home which is closer to the coast and USUALLY cooler. By the time I turned onto my street the temp was 101! I came in the house, locked the door behind me, closed the shutters, and am now enjoying the cooler indoor temps.

    Thanks for sharing! Oh, the hyacinths are lovely!


    1. LOL! THat s just mean, Kel. It 's almost too hot but I d be thrilled to see 90* right now.

      I loved the terrarriums. I may have to get my little glass case out and make a new one. You brother planting the pot seeds is hilarious!

      Is it a beach day? Enjoy!



  4. Not many signs of spring in my neck of the woods. I bought daffodils at the store and they are brightening my kitchen.


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