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Monday, October 27, 2014

Autumn Sundays and a Few Etsy Cuties


Hi everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Now that beach days are over it looks as if a new Autumn Sundays routine is forming here at the beach: flea market / doggy park/ some sewing on the sunny deck. Good times!

I was off ''early'' to the flea market yesterday.
Mo and I had a long walk then I left him with my friends for his Sunday playdate. [when he's older, I hope to bring him with me to the flea....] Mo can be left alone now for a few hours but he is MUCH happier if he can be with his extended family who have toys and food and a lovely safe enclosed back yard.

The flea was fun and busy but no treasure to be found. Too bad. I saved the day by stopping at the thrift shop. Hooray! Good stuff there and the price is so right.
Cool old quart Mason jars, 99 cents each. I took the two oldest ones.

Perfect condition, pale aqua color.

Nice zinc lids. (Weird aged-on rubber gasket, a testament to the jar's age.]

 This one has the patent date embossed, 1858! [on right,below] Though of course it could have been made any time since then, I have to look it up.

I use these in my kitchen for non-food items, like dishwasher candies, silver teaspoons for tea, tea balls, etc. And also for my button collection, and for the sand I use in my sewing emeries, shown here sifted and drying on the deck in the bright sunshine.


Or for corralling finished sewing berries!

And I found this pair of adorable turkeys for my Thanksgiving table! Also 99 cents, for the pair.

Are they cute or awful? I've wanted some kitschy ceramic turkeys for ages. I can see some eye rolls now, if I use them on the table...so maybe they'll be tucked among the yelloware bowls instead?

Heck, for 99 cents, I can take them back after the holiday if we deicide they're just too tacky.
(No, no! This is their forever home. They'll be so sad, you can't un-adopt them! Okay, okay. Yeesh.)
I love the one on the right's expression, how she is giving the other guy a glare: "Don't even think about watching football during dinner, dear!"

When I got home I discovered Mo's babysitters had taken him to the doggy park.

I thought about joining them , it was such a nice day---but a few hours to work uninterrupted was so tempting. I finished my Flags blocks [Friday reveal]

just a peek: "Snakey"!

---and a few etsy items that have languished on my worktable since August when my hand went bad.
"Double pink'' sewing strawberries:

all pink strawberries are SOLD Thank You!

This one is so tattered! I loved the tiny scrap of quilt block with the bright pink and pretty spring green. She is prim and humble but so sweet. [Entirely lined inside with another antique calico.]

And a fat pink berry. Candy stripes and calico, pale green hand dyed linen leaves....

And here he is! My first little sewing bird.

A little robin [bluebird?] sitting on his tuffett, strawberry around his neck or in his beak.

[what do you guys think? Leave the berry loose?].

The little papier mache box was painted with blue chalk paint, antiqued, lined with vintage-y papers. Another strawberry inside!


I also cut out a few heart sachets and planned some prim linen Christmas stockings! So my etsy shop should be fun and filled with good things for fall, winter, and Christmas gifting.
Amazing what one can get done without a ''toddler'' in the house! LOL!



gone to the beach............

PS The etsy items should be available by Wednesday in my shop, but if you see something you like, you can email me and buy right here [PayPal], with FREE shipping.




  1. I love those berries! Guess who?! are the pinkies for sale?
    Strawberry Sue

  2. Such sweet offerings you have for etsy. Can't wait to see your flag blocks.
    Mo is so cute!!

  3. What a wonderful Sunday!

    The mason jars are very nice. And all that matters is that YOU think the little turkeys are cute. If you think they're cute, then they are, nuff said.

    The little berries are so cute, I'm surprised with your hand that you're able to do them. Good for you, you must be feeling a little better.

    Mo looks like he's flying at the dog park! He must have been so excited to be there. A happy dog brings such a big smile.


    1. The turkeys! Well the eyeroll contingent may not agree that they re CUTE! LOL

      Mo thinks he s flying. I wish I had a fr action of his energy.

  4. Cool old Mason jars - although that melted seal would drive me nuts. I love the turkeys! Will they hold taper candles up straight? Or are the holes a little crooked? They're cute anyway, just stick a little bunch of fall flowers in them!

    I really love the pink colored 'strawberries', that's such a pretty pink. The little blue birdie is very cute, too although I'd give him a pink (or maybe faded red?) strawberry just for contrast.

    That 'Snake' flag block looks like it was a monster to do, I hope you didn't kill your hand working on it.

    Looks like you and Mo both had a fun day, and it was a nice break for you. You need those occasionally for your mental health!

    I bought more squash today - 3 different kinds! LOL, I'll let you know how they turn out.

    As always, thanks for sharing the pictures!

    1. Hi! I can probably get the gasket off, I didnt try yet. GooGone? Hot water soak?

      The turkeys have only a small shallow hole for tall candles, so no flowers. I m not fond of tall candles, they drip and make a mess, so I was trying out small votives.

      I have a blue bird pinkeep I made for m yself, he does have a pink ''berry'' in his beak, a tiny heart. The back is green. But I wanted this set to be made with all one quilt block, and be blue.

      Mo loves playing with other dogs but that day it seems there were too many big dogs and he was confined, for his own safety, to the small enclosure. But then there was a mean *little* dog---so Mo had to be brought home. I plan to take him tomorrow, should be quiet on a weekday.

      What kind of squashes did you buy???


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