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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween, a bit early because some time tomorrow I'll need to post my Flags blocks.

Over the past couple weeks I've been cleaning and decluttering and changing my cottage's ''look'' from its summery blue and white to the soft sepia browns and taupe of autumn sand and dunes and grasses. With a dash of pumpkin spice here and there, the rooms look peaceful and serene, but not boring. [or so I hope,lol.]

This year I've been keeping things very low key. Having a puppy in the house means no fresh berries like bittersweet or other temptations for a baby who wants to eat everything.

I washed all the yelloware bowls in the corner cabinet and dispersed all the treasures accumulated in the bowls. I think the bowls show off better and they're ready for their Christmas pine and old ornaments soon.

The blue and white china is stored, replaced by favorite brown Staffordshire transferware. Not many turkey plates yet, I save them for Thanksgiving.

The dining room sideboard with fall pitchers and dried flowers.

More drieds hanging on the cupboard edge.

Bowls filled with scented candles, or Halloween candy.


I love that this brown glazed bowl has embossed stars on the sides!

And I filled my special candy dish, an heirloom from my aunt's home, with Hershey minis this year. I hope I have trick or treaters so I don't have to eat all the candy myself. (Nope, my kids wouldn't dream of eating chocolate, I'm on my own with that.)

Colorful mums in a loved pitcher...

The flowers look just like the stylized design, don't they?

This runner was a thrift shop find. I think it needs to be taken apart and re-backed, but this is it for now.

A couple of mercury glass pumpkins but no berries or leaves in the crocks this year. [Mo].


My little cutie guy, with a fragrant candle inside:

Bright quilts, to offset the taupe and cream throw pillows.


Entry bench with real pumpkins. Mo isn't allowed here so I could have a few real pumpkins, tiny though they are.

"I can do tricks for treats, mommy!"

For November, I'll switch the quilts to more prim, browner choices, and I'll add more candles and mercury glass pretties. Candlelight and sweet scents of cinnamon, apples, and woodsmoke to ward off the sudden darkness of "Fall Back", a despised event here at the beach.

It's fun to have a change of scenery, isn't it?

Happy Halloween.



gone to the beach............

so calm today. 2 years since Sandy.

and a tiny bird on the sunflower head.
I'm thrilled even if she's maybe just a sparrow.


  1. So much fun. I love to see your decorations. I, myself, have a vacuum in my living room. I'm considering decorating it with an orange ribbon.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.


  2. I *LOVE* the plate on the bottom row, second from the left that has the blue flower on it. Can you tell me what it is and maybe send me a closer picture?

    I enjoy seeing your seasonal transformations....it's been a lot time since I did any decorations at all but maybe I'll manage to get my living room cleared out enough to put up a little tree this Christmas!

    Hunter - I wish the vacuum was the only thing cluttering up MY living room, LOL. One of my first friends here had a big Kirby vacuum that couldn't fit in her closet so it had a 'dress' and soft doll head to cover it. Looked like a big rag doll standing in the corner. Kind of cute but the doll face was kinda creepy!

    Happy Halloween everyone!!


    1. That plate is ironstone, and it is English, Copeland Spode, a very fine maker. I have two or three of them. Not sure why I never looked at the mark, I thought they were Laughlin or Johnson...may have been my mom's, most of my brown plates, or many, came from her. The plate is marker 1920 or 30.

      called "Constable'' after the painter, I assume, not a Brit policeman.


    2. The vacuum doll is hilarious. Poor Hunter!

  3. Oh, I somehow missed this post. I wish I was motivated to change things out when the seasons change. I at least wanted to rearrange the living room and I haven't even done that. Now that I've said it out loud to someone, perhaps I'll follow through.

    I really like the mercury pumpkins, they're wonderful little things.

    The bird on the bent sunflower is a keeper. So lucky to be in the right place at the right time with your camera.


    1. Hi Kel! Swirtching for fall isn t very difficult, a few plates and a few cushions. It s the Xmas stuff next month that boggles me, takes me all month to set up and half of January to put away. If you don t want do do a lot, just adding a new cozy throw, maybe some candles and autumn colored flowers can to a lot.
      In years when I am unwell or lazy [or we have a hurricane,lol] I just add black accents to my blue stuff. Easy peasy.




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