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Friday, October 24, 2014

Cheddar Quilt

Hi everyone! This has been a windy and rainy week so my post today is an indoors show and tell.  


Mo is hibernating! So instead I want to show you my favorite antique October quilt.

I love this quilt. I never tire of it, maybe because I only use it between Columbus Day and Halloween? Or because of its classic American antique quilt charm?
It is not a show piece, it's a utilitarian scrap bag quilt, what my quilting friend Lori might term a humble quilt.

It's just 9-patch blocks with a red and natural muslin border [Puss-in-the-corner?],

...set in cheddar solid with muslin cornerstones that match the muslin back.

But I think this unknown quilter had an ''eye'' for color and design. The general scheme is autumn-y, the patches mostly reds, some now faded to tan, and black.

Some of the cornerstones' red has faded, the tan blocks were probably red also.

There's a few pale dull purple squares, some blues that serve as ''white'' and maybe three bright indigo blue nine patches!

Autumn leaves and October sky...

The fabrics are cotton calico, no feedsacks. I would date this quilt perhaps 1880-1910, just guessing.
All sewed by hand and set into this gorgeous solid cheddar.

I love the quilting too. Such texture from a simple Baptist fan motif.

I like the way the fans come from each side, as if it was quilted in a large frame, maybe by the maker's friends at a sewing bee or by church sewing group. Where the fans meet in the center, the quilter[s] simply added a few random lines, determined to secure the somewhat bulky cotton batting.
The back is simple muslin.


Turned to the front for a narrow binding, which you can see along the bottom of this block..

I bought this quilt many years ago. My mother spotted it in the window of an antiques shop in Dennis MA, on Cape Cod, as we were meandering along route 6A (Old Kings Highway! The Pilgrims rode and walked these same trails!), enjoying the splendor of Fall on Cape Cod.

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 It has been washed, in fact I think my mom washed it before she let it in the house, lol. Otherwise hardly used, perfect condition.
It's one of the few quilts I own [except for flea market rescues] that was not purchased from a dealer, with provenance and history.  (Some too ''good'' to use, like this cutie. )


 I so wish I knew who made my simple cheddar October quilt, when, where?
All that remains is her talented sewing and good design.



gone to the beach.....



Mo's Halloween nightmare.

LOL and he looked so peaceful, at the top of this post.


  1. I love the color of your quilt for this month. You have to love a puppy in a tu tu! :) Kit

  2. The cheddar quilt is truly special...not as special as a pug in a tutu but what is? LOL

  3. I recently did a nine patch swap and I love the simple setting of your cheddar quilt for the blocks.....and of course the fan quilting is wonderful! Poor Mo! So cute!

  4. That quilt makes my heart go pitter patter! I'd love to reproduce it!!

  5. Beautiful quilt. I like the image of you and your Mom being together when you found it.

    If our weather was wet and windy I would be doing exactly what Mo was doing, a puppy after my own heart. :)


    1. Hi Kelley! Yes, you re right, that quilt brings back wonderful memories.

      BTW If you like the idea of a tweed jacket for fall..and maybe winter where you are---LL Bean has nice tweed blazers in beautiful Irish tweeds, some are even on sale right now! Look at the sidebar for plainer tweeds too...


      Mo s newest ''trick'' is unplugging my computer when he wants attention! I lose dozens of photos each time,, sigh. He s sneaky, don t let the snoozer photo fool you. LOL


    2. Oh what a little minx that Mo is! Too smart for his own good.

      Thanks for the tip for blazer buying. I'll take a peek for sure. I will start looking at the thrift store too. So much more fun that way.


  6. Wonderful quilt. Really great details--esp. love that stitching! I can see why you love it.:)


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