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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Pretties

Hi! I must share these adorable, prim Valentine bottles with you...

I treated myself! Usually I only buy supply type things on eBay, but I love my friend Michelle's primitives at Olde Farmhouse Simples. here

But I was having no luck! I lost auction after auction...which is great for Michelle, but I was sad.

So she kindly made me my very own set of her wonderful old bottles, embellished with her handmade tiny "hooked rugs" that are needle-punched primitive patterns, in this case, hearts.

She adds a rusty key here and there and tucks the bottles, or tins, in found little crates! I love mine....

Just a perfect simple Valentine touch, my cherished hearts...and not just for Valentine's Day either...

I also was lucky enough to win one of her large prim bunnies!

Isn't he sweet! Look at that face. And grungy patina, the old paper label, the yellow chamomile flowers! Right now he is sitting among my lace bobbins, waiting for spring...

And here's a tiny rabbit from Michelle's Christmas prims. I love him so much and have kept him on display. He's playing in the cinnamon sticks right now...

When Michelle isn't selling her handmade treasures, she lists beautiful primitive antiques, usually wood pieces [treen] found in the barns and sheds and shops around her home in Maine.

Her eBay listing name is Olde Farmhouse Simples, here's her link again...and I can promise you her photos alone are worth a visit! Enjoy...



~~~~~gone to the beach~~~~


  1. aww the bottles and bunny are wonderful to see, as is the beach photo at the bottom.

    can smell the spices now.

    xoxo margaret.

    happy valentine's day Ms. Lizzy.

  2. I have a thing for hearts! And love those bottles. Hope you are having a happy heart day! :) Tammy


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