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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red and White Quilts for Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your secret admirer sent you something pretty! Or yummy! Or both!

In honor of Valentines Day I thought I'd share my collection of antique and vintage red and white quilts. (There's some very cool beach pix at the end for you non-quilters too!)

Last year there was an exhibit in NYC of only red and white quilts---and quilting bloggers are still talking about that show, searching for the catalog, and making red and white quilts in group on-line quiltalongs.


I wonder if red and white is the most popular all time fave color combination? I prefer blue and white, yet I have only 3 blue and whites...and all these red and white pretties.

So here goes, in no special order....
 Irish Chain c.1940-60. Great quilting! Flowers and hearts....

Irish Chain, very old, c. 1860-90.

The white fabric seems to be a homespun linen and there's a few pink blocks and these oddball cheddars [once red?]...finely, densely, quilted.

Star of Bethlehem, Lone Star. c. early 20th century. Again some pinks and faded cheddars.

One of the first quilts I bought, from Wellfleet Flea Market, Cape Cod Ma....
Thousand Triangles c 1880. Tufted, cutouts for bedposts.

Thousands of 1" red and white squares....

Wonderful ABCs Quilt, c. 1922. Purchased from Shelley Zegart before she got real famous, lol. I still love it!

I especially love that it is dated and also that the ''white' ground is many different black on white sprigged calico/ shirting patterns...

Redwork, very fine...

dated 1911

Redwork with Irish Chain sashing, newer, c.1920-40. Fun because it has all the classic later blocks, like Teddy Bear's Week/ Months etc...

Redwork summer coverlet, very fine embroidery. Ruby McKim  animals and storybook designs. No batting.

A couple almost red and whites:
Churn Dash with turquoise c. 1940-60?

Schoolhouse  c. mid 20th century

Valentine Hearts and Arrows, top. c. 1930

And just for fun, red and white redwork shams ''Good Morning''/ ''Goodnight". I bought them for crib quilt backings as they aren't in perfect condition, but haven't ever wanted to cut them up.....




gone to the beach...

Below, wind-runnelled sand...like lines of quilting...


  1. Such a wonderful quilt show! I'm so glad you let me know so I wouldn't miss it. You are lucky to have so many wonderful striking red and white quilts!!
    I have been wanting some of the good morning/good night redwork pillowcases. So charming!!
    The hearts are lovely! Did you make those?!

    1. Hi Lori, thank you for visiting!

      Yes the hearts are mine, I sell them in my etsy shop.


  2. I am in major awe!!! Incredible quilts and I just love red and white ones. You have quite the treasures there. Happy Valentine's Day! Kit

  3. Thanks Kim, I love gettinhg them all out and seeing the big pile, lol.


  4. Oh my gosh these are beautiful! Lucky you! smile...


  5. Makes me think of the joke 'what is red and white all over?' Lizzy's quilts!

    What a great Valentine's Day present to us all!


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