I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Most Romantic Valentine....

So romantic...a tiny glass flask, washed up on the sand, its edges worn and softened by years in the tumbling surf. A slightly tattered label: "escape", a weathered antique key, a rusty heart...and one perfect beach pebble for its topper.

Pebble is glittery pale granite, not attached, to you may add a message or a photo.

Glass is clear, with weathering on the edges. Authentically found on my beach, cleaned, upcycled. I added the beautiful old weathered key, the rusty heart. The tattered label with its tantalizing message Escape....

The little botle is about the size of the palm of your hand..5 1/2" tall, x 2 3/4" wide. Volume is one quarter pint, 1/2 cup liquid.

Only marking is a small 20 on base, probably a tiny whiskey bottle?

Other seaglass bottles:

This set will be listed Friday....

The bottles are all shades of pale blue and aqua....

This set is "purple-ing" in my window sunshine, already has become a deeper amethyst. Not for sale yet....

A just-for-fun Beach Dreams memory bottle, below. This one is a found and quite weathered seaglass Corona bottle, recycled with labels, tags, and treasures [shells, beads etc] and filled with white sand and beach treasure. These are wonderful for souvenirs of happy summer days, kids heading off to college love them!


A gorgeous old hexagonal patent medicine bottle and rare pink scallop shell...

A large rum bottle, specially made for a young guy who brought me his beachcombed bottle/ treasure to fill!


Another Corona bottle...this one is dainty, delicately frosted by the sand and waves

  a whole bowl of treasure bottles!

See! Valentines can be romantic...

               and strange...

                               and not red...


 gone to the beach.....


self porttrait in Michelin Man layers,
brr! a windy day today...


  1. Very cool, I love the treasure bottles! LOL, I always want to peek inside...

    Colder here today but oddly calm so it didn't FEEL cold. Odd weather...


  2. Aloha,

    Did the Escape bottle already sell?

    I wish we had great glass treasures washing up on our beach. I've decided it's all the lava rock and that things get smashed against them before they can get to the beach.

    We only get partial shells, too.

    Hope all is well with you. Please let me know about the bottle if you have time.


  3. Hi Hunter! I think parts of hawaii, maybe not Maui, have great beach glass. I ve seen it for sale on eBay...and of course there s the famous Plastic Beach on the Big Island where the sand is now all plastic! Plus some glass and in the pix lots of other treasures...I'd love to beachcomb there!



  4. Hi Lizzy. These are great ideas. Can I steal from you and make some from my bottles here. I think I have some just like those. Love them.
    PS. Back on my blog again.

    1. of course! And be sure to show us pix on your blog!

  5. Lil Hello dear friend. I just love your pictures. Especially Michelin man layers. LoL What time of the day do you take them. Some day I well meet you out there.

    1. Hi! I d love for you to join me! Depending on high tide, I usually walk about an hour, hour and a half before sunset, so around 4PM rt now. The setting sun makes the long shadows...


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