I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, May 18, 2023

May Miscellany


Hello, hello. The sun is shining but it is cold! [52*/ 20 mph wind off water]

This week I worked on my deck's flower pots, pulling out old stalks and roots, adding fresh soil. Fertilizer ordered. But today was so chilly and windy---out came the heavy pants, winter cashmere work sweater, and ''spring'' down parka.

My helper.

I won't do my seeds now til next week, they won't sprout with temps in the 40s at night, better to wait for the coming warmer days we're promised.

The coreopsis never disappoint!


I started/ no plans to continue/ a blog post diary of What did I Do Today?, as days and weeks seem to fly by unheeded. Sort of a reverse To Do list?  Hahaha, I hope I don't accidentally press Publish and share that. 


                                                                TQC Spring Tiny/ Tis Spring?

[my colors aren't SJ's colors, this is too drab]

That said [little life, yawn],---off we went, L and I, on one of our old time fun errands-together days. Banking, post office, stuff like that. And we explored a new veggie market I had read about on the local FB page:

I think I love these shops as much for the color and inspiration as I do with actually needing their produce.

Isn't the heart shaped box adorable, albeit plastic! But so creative

It is NOT a farmers market, despite its name. USA produced fruit and veg, but not locally-sourced at all.

"Red dandelion" is not really dandelion I am told by Google; it's a chicory/ bitter green called that because of the similar leaf.

Then cheeses from all over the world, big selection to pore over and select a treat-of-the week? No ice cream, no frozen yogurt, no cake!?

Interesting small but fine meat selection--New Zealand beef, or these delicious looking  meatballs. I couldn't bring myself to purchase the meatballs for 14.99 a dozen. I am sure mine are tastier and cost a lot less.

Verdict was mixed.

L was like , ''eeeh..."; I thought it was nice, friendly and very clean, though when I got home the asparagus bunch was soggy, slimy and spoiled! Hidden from sight where the bunch was tightly banded together. If the store was closer, I'd have taken them right back, for $4.99 a pound. Binned them, too bad!

And...no flowers and they don't stock my cheese I love at the moment, Delice de Bourgogne, a very aromatic soft to runny brie type cheese.

This meant a trip---right across the street!--to Trader Joe's for life's important little pleasures.

Candy striped carnations for L and blue out of season asters [and lemon artichoke ravioli] for me.


I've been walking Mo to the beach bench and entrance lately. I wished I had my camera yesterday, as the dunes are awakening, roses are blooming, and the starlings are nesting.  All inspiration for my various art journals.

I'll put the Journals' Pages at the end so you can skip if bored...

Despite plans for planting and cooking I am motivated to get Marsh's word border done before June 1. Like Nancy does with her challenge of the month! Her blog HERE But we shall see. Despite my little notes on what I do each day ( a brief exercise in tedium, I am sure) ---some days I think I just sit w Mo and scroll IG. 


Aren't pansies just the best!

have a good weekend.



gone to the beach...

Journal Pages, mid May

Scribbles ~

fancy Perpetual Journal


  1. I just love your watercolor sketches--just wonderful work--and your "scribbles" are really great!! I wish I could draw like that')))

    It certainly is cold here- northern winds --we were at 31 this morning--brrr.
    I am trying to use up all my collected charm squares--into what --as yet I don't know...just sewing for now...
    Nice that you got all your pots ready to be planted...
    Too bad about that new store;((( I wish we had a Trader Joe's nearby...we do have a Whole Foods about 15 min away though--but super "expensivo".
    and so it goes hugs, Julierose

  2. It was cold here earlier this week, 24 degrees one morning killing freeze for some plants even after being covered the best we could. Hope we don't lose our blueberry crop. Now its looking like the rest of the month will bring 70 degree days and very little rain. Only a bit of quilting going on here these days.

  3. Your dandelion is a delight, as are the pansies and asters together in your posy. Trader Joes seems a better option than the new shop, despite looking well stocked, but produce that goes off is a huge turn off.
    I did the tiny TQC quilt which was great fun (I note your centre patch), but thought of adding a few more blocks to enlarge it a bit. Not quite sure.
    As always, I love the birds with their feet in the edge of the sea pics. The sea doesn't look that warm yet, but what a blue it is.

  4. posting for Mel: I'm not sure I'd be too impressed with the "Farmer's Market" that isn't really, either. I have to ask though, what are the other cut items in the picture with the watermelon? I can't think of anything that size and color - might help if I saw it whole maybe. Anyway, I'm curious.

    Love Mo stretched out on the grass! He looks so happy!

    I wouldn't worry about keeping track of what you do each day. It's not like you have to keep to a schedule and it will just add more stress in your life. Just enjoy each day!

    Sewing around letters/words on a quilt sounds tedious to me, but I know you don't mind it. I don't think I'd ever seen words on a quilt until I saw some of yours - be then I rarely saw anyone's but my mother's.

    The picture of the surfer made me shiver - isn't the water still COLD?

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. The large orange fruit w the watermelons is Papaya. //Yes the surfers are wearing winter wetsuits still. Water is abut 55* in May.


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