I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, June 29, 2020

Hydrangeas in Bloom ~ It's July

Hi, evryone!Nothing says "beach'' like blue hydrangeas in full fluffy flower!

This weekend we had our town fireworks despite so many virus cancellations. It was a drizzly cool night, still feeling "June-ish" of course. There was no big gathering on the beach as in good times, but Mo and enjoyed seeing the fireworks over the water as we took a bedtime walk.

Meanwhile, back home as July begins, the flowers and plantings are reaching their peak. Photos from morning walks, enjoy.

And back home on the deck.

Welcome July!



gone to the beach....

photos from various friends as we emerge from isolation.... late June 2020


  1. Dear Lizzy, puff-balls (hydrangeas) i love those things ;)

  2. A little early for hydrangeas here but we're looking forward to them. Stelladora daylilies just opened up yesterday. Not a whole lot else blooming here at the moment. We did eat the first snow peas with dinner tonight! We typically have "country fireworks" shows around here, the big ones being brought to summer camps by city folk. It amazes me the amount of money spent on huge fireworks and the duration of these private displays that rival those of much larger municipalities.

  3. P.S. this will be a terrible weekend for Gibbs for the aforementioned activities.

  4. Your flowers are way ahead of our little lilies..
    I love the blue hydrangeas...gorgeous...We had
    much needed rains today and hail along with heavy winds...all quiet this evening though...
    Stay safe
    ~ ~ ~ waving in the early evening~ ~ ~ Julierose

  5. Love those hydrangeas. They say "beach" to me, too, but we do have some in our yard even tho' we're 60 miles from the Atlantic.

  6. Such pretty flowers! I can't decide if I like pink or blue better...lol. I LOVE the color of your lilies in the pot, though!

    I almost forgot the 4th was sneaking up on us - too much going on for me lately. We're back to wearing masks in public as of this coming Friday (sigh). I'd hoped we were going to have a reprieve until fall at least. Oh, well. Not like I do much other than watch my granddaughter anyway!

    Hope you have a great week!

  7. Love the bold blue and pink hydrangeas!! We are too dry for those lovely flowers.

  8. Lovely hydrangeas - so cooling and glowy. I'm seeing them around here too, here and there.

  9. Your lilies are stunning. What a colourful, riotous deck you have. Are you visited by many butterflies? Love the beautiful abundance of hydrangeas. Penny

  10. Gosh, I do love hydrangeas! I've always kind of thought that the blue were my favorite color, but the pink ones in your photos are pretty swoon worthy ;) I especially love the photo with the boarder of hydrangeas and the grey shingle building in the background. Your deck flowers are making a pretty good showing, too!

    Oh, that's nice that your town was able to put on a fireworks display. A little evious. I think most, if not all, of the planned shows here have just recently been cancelled. Seems we are scaling back everything again :(

    Enjoy seeing pics from your friends. If I come across any good photo opps, I will forward to you :)



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