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Friday, November 17, 2017

Inside November

Hello, everyone! Do you decorate for Thanksgiving? I am not hosting the dinner this year so I again simplified my November decor by keeping things blue and white, but banishing all the brilliant  oranges and  cheddars of October/ Halloween. I go for a calmer, more neutral palette instead. For many years I switched the sofa cushions to browns and greys, and displayed my turkey plates and platters with such joy and enthusiasm. But no, not even a funny chalkware turkey this year---yes, okay, a little sad, but flexible is the modern way for holidays, right? And I am avoiding the vegan, everything-banned menu probs.

I kept out all my  mercury glass pumpkins.

Coffee table's big wooden bowl.

Dining table:

Added autumns leaves, berries, and acorn garlands. I love anything ''woodland'', so that's a fun touch and so easy.

Neutral quilts:

I love this small Star quilt I made with antique.blocks. The fabrics are perfect, and almost 200 years old!, c. 1830-45 stars .

This frayed and fragile Log Cabin quilt picks up my blues, plus has soft tans and pinks and golds.

Pitchers are easy to switch out.

This is a favorite.

A large sepia ware platter with a Mayflower-esque ship.

A little jug of the last marigolds, cut before last week's hard frost.

A pumpkin spice candle on my new little TQC project.

A little pop of bright turquoise below,

Not a turkey to be seen so far. Maybe one of my beeswax tom turkeys will sneak out still, who knows. Mo is patiently waiting for his Thanksgiving dinner. He waits every day! I think he likes these new seat cushions.


On a side note, what do you think? For Bitty?

Last post I mentioned the polka dot Blueberry backing fabric is a knock off of a Cotton and Steel print. Which led me this morning to the idea that I do have a different C & S ''modern'' print, that might make an ever sweeter backing. It's called Tulips, and is both folkloric and modern, with a hint of script or graphic in the jig jag lines of the stems? I can just make it fit I think. Opinions?


Have a fun weekend! Are you already planning your holiday meal? Favorite recipes?



gone to the beach...


  1. Your home looks calm and so pretty - I love the woodland touches and the mercury glass pumpkins - especially the blue/teal one! Kind of a surprise! Your new tiny quilt goes right with everything, too.

    As usual, Mo makes me smile perched on the chair!

    I like the C&S fabric for the backing of Bitty - the colors go better with the front than the 'fake' blueberry print, I think. Either one will look good, though.

    Love the beach picture with the birds in the edge of the water, so pretty.

  2. I leave up my harvest/halloween decor decor until it is time to change to Christmas.
    I am hosting Thanksgiving this year and will have a small group. I don't do fancy recipes as everyone likes the ole standby's. I bought my turkey and that's about it.

  3. Lemoyne star quilt? So lovely and the log cabin - my favorite quilt block! Yes, the chair cushions have met Master Mo's approval! My sister and BIL are hosting T Day this year; so, we are bringing a corn casserole, pumpkin pie and an apple tart. I have some autumn decor. Did not bring the turkeys out (yet). Love those pitchers. I collect creamers and other small pitchers. They are so sweet. Just like you, my sweet friend. Blessings.

  4. Love your mercury glass pumpkins. I have a few mercury glass items--I just recently started collecting them. Your swan is awesome!!

  5. The Fall decorating looks perfect! The quilts, and the mercury pumpkins, and the pitchers, oh my :) I won't be surprised to see more treasures displayed by next week.

    Haha, Mo waiting for Thanksgiving dinner, so cute. Will you be making a dish to take with you?

    No decorating here, and no cooking. Heading to Palm Springs, I think. Look forward to hearing about your Holiday.

  6. Everything looks great! It's fun to change it up from year to year. :) Kit


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