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Monday, November 13, 2017

A Bitty Finish

Hello, everyone! I finished my Bitty crib quilt top this weekend. I am so happy it is finished before winter, as it was def meant to be a summer project.

I sewed the last little dot centers and corner buds on Sunday.  [sorry, poor lighting so colors are off; the blues are bluer, the pale blues aren't grey, the ground is white or palest ecru.]

Mo wanted me to sit outside with him. "Yeah, right, 20* windchill, little man. That's a NO."

Here is the original pattern from Minick and Simpson, from their etsy shop. When I got this pattern I also bought their La Playa  [The Beach] pattern, really fun! Beach balls and sand pails. For someday.

I mostly stuck with their design. I am pleased to see that my color palette inspiration and the final product are quite in agreement.

I added more lollipop flower centers.

And because I wanted the quilt actually crib sized, I added a border, inspired by a Cheri Payne border. I cut the scallop edge freehand. This was appliqued by machine, raw edge; I am hoping the edge will gently fray and soften with washing.

I love this tiny calico at the bottom. It actually belongs on Silent Night, but I ordered extra.

I had a couple ideas for the backing but in the end I went with my original choice, this Blueberries dot. It's from Joann's and is a knock off of a Cotton and Steel print I loved but missed out on buying. It;s bluer than the photo and less yellow. Indigo and white.

I'll layer it up and then set it aside for hand [and machine?] quilting, next summer or next power failure.

In the early dark evenings Mo and I do a bit of peeking at the neighbors' windows and yards.

We spotted two Christmas trees and a big holiday light display so far. And it's not even mid-November.
Another house has lovely wooden Adirondack chairs on its porch, piled with Autumn golden linen pillows and brown/ rust/ cream plaid throws. Lovely mums too. The couple must sit outdoors though I have never seen them except in high summer. Anyway, in an early Christmas mood, you must read this story, about the NYC Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. HERE The arrival on the huge truck is great, picture it trundling up Fifth Avenue at rush hour! Backing in, oh so carefully, beep beep beep. I bet it makes a bigger traffic jam than a visit from Donald Trump. As it should.
I was thinking it's a bit sad to cut down such a glorious tree, surely they could go faux? But the story says the tree is then cut into lumber for Habitat for Humanity houses. Which is kinda cool.

And apropos of nothing, except my nature girl side: Eagle cam [and story of these birds each year.] Love! [if indeed it is actually working?] here

Have a good week!



gone to the beach......


  1. I do hope that my. Bitty quilt turns out as lovely as yours. The wavy border is soo perfect for the quilt. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Bitty has turned out very nice! I like the flower centers and the border you added. And hand-quilted, it will be a keepsake for sure!

    I've never been much for cut flower or real Christmas trees - I'd rather see them keep growing. BUT I'm glad they do have good uses for the tree after the holidays, more than grinding it up for mulch. And I read the story of the tree one year, it had been in the front yard of a couple for 40 years or more and had outgrown the space and needed to be cut down. It was a beautiful tree and the owner contacted the appropriate people to come look at it, and they used it that Christmas. Worked out well all around.

    Eagle cam is cool. We had one near us, I'm not sure it's still working or not. Interesting to watch!

  3. Congrats on finishing your lovely Bitty Blue quilt! It is so pretty and the colors remind me of your area- blue sky, blue water and pale sand. Just lovely!

    Too early for Christmas.... Although I wrapped my first present yesterday,

  4. Bitty's a winner. Lovely subtle things going on with your blues and different fabric patterns especially the border and the print next to it - works so well.
    The Autumn beach photos are a treat.
    We had a Crowned Eagle calling, high up above us this morning. What a privilege to see yours as well.

  5. It looks so darn cute. Love the boarder. Probably feels good to have put time in it over the weekend.

    Eagle cam is very cool. Thanks for the link!


  6. This quilt is such a delight, Lizzie. I love its subtleness and the slightly quirky flowers and leaves. It's the perfect kind of quilt for a newborn. Thanks for not using blogger's Lightbox for the photos. I was able to click and enlarge even more to see all the details and beauty of the quilt. I should be like you and layer quilts soon and then have them ready to quilt later.

  7. I love it! The colors are spot on and your extra border makes it all come together so well. What a fabulous make.:)


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