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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My Truck Garden

Hi! I know this is yet another garden post--it is August, after all! I couldn't show this before because it was a gift I made for my friend/ neighbor who has the tropical garden I often mention. I had seen these funny truck planters for a couple years and knew my friend would love one.
[screen shots/ my inspiration].

My friend always talks about his giant yellow Tonka trucks that he loved as a little boy, and how he'd make his mom bring them down to the beach for him. Oh I too did that! The beach is perfect for the big trucks but what job to transport them. My son had a fire engine that must have been four feet long! Oh and the siren/ lights--ghastly.
Anyway, I'd been looking for a good planter truck for ages, but no luck.  My friend L finally found this wonderful dump truck, 5 dollars, at an upstate NY flea market.

We didn't realize at first it is not a Tonka, but a Buddy L. Still good and maybe not as gigantic.

I poked holes in the truck bed so water would drain.

A solo trip to the flower nursery was successful.

They specialize in dish gardens and cactus/ succulents so they had a great selection. I think the hen-n-chicks and other succulents will be cold hardy. The croton [red leaves]will have to be pulled out after the first frost. The truck can rust away in the corner of friend's garden.

Here's the truck all planted! I think it's so cool. And he liked it, yay!

Poor Mo had his annual check up today. He is sad/ mad, waiting at the vet.

He had a tantrum when he got home, threw down the Summertime quilt-in-work and the heavy box with my silver flatware!

Then he was given a chicken jerky kabob and all is well again in Mo-World. [I think.]

We had rain and days are cooler. Big  meteor shower this weekend, I think the 11-12th. Be sure to look!



gone to the beach...


  1. Well, if that truck planter isn't just the cutest idea! If I were your neighbor I'd be bringing it in for the winter months and park it by a sunny sliding door or window. What a great gift idea.

  2. The truck is adorable and the plants you chose look great! I think I'd bring it in for the winter, too...make it last a little longer.

    Poor Mo, he must have upset about the vet! Temper tantrum! I hope nothing got damaged.

    It's been partly-cloudy here the last couple days. If my usual luck holds, we'll be getting rain during the meteor showers...and probably during the eclipse later this month, too! I hope not as I'd really like to see both of those events!!

    1. I m just glad Mo didn t get hurt with his tantrum. The box of silverware is very heavy.

  3. It's adorable! I really like that you used different colors and different textures. So cute. Now you have to put something together for yourself. My neighbor puts together a lot succulent stuff. She made a little planter for my husband using an old motorcycle engine part! He loves it.

    Oh, poor sad Mo. Doctor appointments are no fun at all. Hope they gave him a clean bill of health.

    Thanks for sharing your project. You really hit a homerun!


    1. Hi! Yes I tried to choose a nice variety of plants tho they didn t have the dark red hen-n-chicks I wanted. I would love to see the motorcycle part garden planter, please send a picture? Really cool idea.

      Mo got a good report but he has been feeling unwell and icky. Tummy probs I imagine from the oral vaccines. Or the upsetting encounter w the vet. "You will NOT take my temperature, no no no...ooooh!" LOL.

  4. Liz, that truck turned out great! I love things like that in a garden. It will make folks smile. I bet your friend will just be thrilled. :) Kit

    1. Thanks! I know your garden has all kinds of cool things, I love quirky garden accents too.

  5. though not a pug/puggle, I barked out loud when I saw the truck farm. G will eventually forgive me, Poh will take her time!

    such fun!



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