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Friday, August 4, 2017

Garden Peeping ~ An Evening Walk

Good evening! The moon is almost full and has just risen in the still-blue sky tonight. After a rather hot day, the evening is cool and breezy and so beautiful. Come for a walk with me and Mo?

Everything looks so pretty this year!

We love when neighbors leave their gates open, so we can peek inside. Gardens here are usually small, even tiny. But often lush and charming.

Heading down the secret beach lane.

This gardener cut down the gorgeous black hollyhocks. I was so disappointed, had wanted to ask for seeds, despite it being hard to grow.

Then venturing further.

The koi pond looks beautiful in the summer!

 Deep shade hostas, surprise us with this lavish blue-violet display.

A cute new little fountain has appeared in a public area. I love the funny old tools and bowls, wish it had more water.

You know how I love hydrangeas! The variety and colors are ever changing and so gorgeous.

I hope you can enjoy these August evenings. Go out---look at the moon, admire the flowers and trees.
This Month's moon is the sturgeon moon, when fish were caught and dried for winter. ''Other names for this Full Moon include Green Corn Moon, Barley Moon, Fruit Moon, and Grain Moon from Old English/Anglo-Saxon.'' I like the Barley Moon, or Green Corn moon.

Good night!


gone to the beach.....


  1. I love the beach walkway, it's like a secret garden. The people who plant flowers deliberately to peek under the fence make me want to send them thank-you notes, lol. And the cucumber vine through the fence made me laugh! Too bad about the hollyhocks, although some people hate 'dead' flowers and aren't patient enough to wait for seeds - maybe we can find them online for you.

    Thanks for sharing your walk!

    1. The woman who owns the cucumber vine has only tow large pots in her garden, rest is deck. One cuke, one tomato--both very very productive! Sometimes less is more.

      I love the edging flowers too, people do plant them there to pretty up the walkway.

  2. Oh, I LOVE the hydrangeas! The first pic of the faded blue one is beautiful. And the rest are so colorful, and happy. Everything looks so healthy and happy.

    The little fountain is interesting. Do you think it was someone's project, or a purchase?

    We took the aqua bus over to the other side of town last night. Listened to some live music and had a beer. It was a perfect summer evening. The almost full moon shining on the ocean on the way home was lovely and memorable :)

    You pooped out Mo, it looks like ;)


    1. Your evening boat ride/ drinks always sounds so fun!
      The blue hydrangeas are my fav too.

      Our civic association ''beautifies'' some of the common waste grounds, plants things, fixes things up. Someone on the garden committee must love funky garden art, a previous installation was a large joshua tree cactus made of chrome car bumpers. [it rusted away in a couple years!]. Now we have this funny tools fountain [yes, a purchase,lol] and also a lava weird rocks fountain,lol. Mo loves the rocks fountain with its splashing water.

    2. Hmmm, a car bumper cactus...

      No trouble posting BTW.

  3. Glorious hydrangeas. Such a treat to amble past those gardens. Thank you for sharing. What a picture of one tired little pug!! Sleep tight Mo.

  4. Thank you for the tour! Those HollyHocks were incredible. Wonder why they cut them down? Mo looks content. :) Kit

    1. I m guessing the hollyhocks were ''volunteers and they didn t want them to set seed. Oddly we had a lovely stand of them after hurricane Sandy, near a transformer in a fenced public spot, they were gorgeous. But again were cut down/ removed. Glad you enjoyed our walk!


  5. Thank you for taking me/us on a walk with you! Do you think that sometimes the smaller or the more the constraints, the better advantage people take of their space?



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