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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lily Days and Something for the Weekend

Happy Friday! Early July is lily season here at the beach. Mo and I have been watching the lilies grow and bloom.

A LOng Island spotted toad lives here near the potted maple tree! Pretty exciting! Toads eat at lest 100 insects per day.

I told my friends that their lilies in bloom remind me of the John Singer Sargent painting, one of  my favorite paintings ever, his ode to midsummer called "Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose."

I always imagined the little girls were Lily and Rose. [but no.]

Most of my lilies were transplanted to my friend's garden, above, but last year he and my son put in this new red lily for me for Mother's Day. Nothing grew last year but oh, this year! Gorgeous.

And here we have a few roses, these low floribundas grow everywhere in low hedges, along the street edges.

It's the weekend again! Already!? I hate to belabor this--especially if i's really hot by you---but it's chilly here in the evenings! Tonight it's about 65* and windy, with rain in the forecast. But ever hopeful, I have some fun things to share, just as if it will be hot and sunny, ya never know:

On my pineapple theme: my friend found a mercury glass pineapple! Color me green with envy.

Our wine of the week is a sauvignon blanc from New Zealand. Exceptional! This winery also makes a wonderful, summery pinot gris.

I love the label!

I went to Staples and had the Bitty quilt pattern layout blown up to full size.  So perhaps Bitty will head to the beach with me?

Bitty's Quilt Pattern by Minick and Simpson
For reading: two rather hardcore, but entertaining thrillers.
The Switch by Joseph Finder [all his books are good, like great film scripts.]

And a surprisingly mainstream choice from Dean Koontz The Silent Corner featuring a new heroine, Jane Hawk. This will be a series, which is I suppose a good thing, because as I read it,all I could think was, This cannot end well.
And for Mo, I found something special: Frosty Paws. Popsicles for doggies. L and I drove all over today and found the last box at a big Stop-n-Shop. I hope Mo likes them!

Have a great weekend...

PS Many thanks to everyone who made my Dollar Days Etsy Sale a success. New Summer Blues and Seaglass inspired hearts will arrive next week.



gone to the beach~~~~~~


  1. Your red Lily is gorgeous. I also love the Bitty pattern.

  2. Always enjoy tip toeing through the posies with you and Mo. And, speaking of Mo, what a character in that photo! Looking forward to stitching thru the ether with you on Bitty.

  3. Your beautiful lilies are just delightful! All of mine have become deer snacks, so no flowers for me this year. I'm looking forward to seeing your full size Bitty!

  4. The red lilies are so rich in color, so pretty. Happy Friday! You & MO have a great week-end!!!

    1. I love the red lilies, so different from the usual yellow or orange. My friend swears he planted BLUE lilies, but no hint of blue has popped up yet,lol.

  5. So many pretty flowers! I love the pink and orange lily, looks so tropical - and the red one is beautiful.

    LOL, the wine bottle's label looks like it should be on DANDELION wine! The pineapple is cute, too.

    I can't believe how much it cost to get your pattern blown up! Did they print it on super-large paper or something?

    Love the picture of Mo - looks like something my cats to, get right under my chair under my feet. Only my chair has wheels and I'm always afraid I'll roll over them!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. My sister is coming Sunday and next weeks looks to be pretty busy! Take care and I'll talk to you soon!

    1. I edited the price of the Bitty pattern bec my info was a bit misleading. They do blow it up on XL paper, $9.75 each [x2], got home and realised the enlarged grid was still only 3/4" not 1", so I went back and they used a different machine, said it was for engineering plans? and enlarged the design again which cost another 9.75, x 2 bec I was making a duplicated for Sue, whose pattern, like mine from Minick and Simpson only has a tiny 8 x 11 sketch of the whole quilt.

  6. Wow! The flowers are all beautiful. Kind of like the reddish one the best. I've never seen one before. The painting is beautiful too.

    Thanks for the info on the books you're reading, and the wine ;) Fun pineapple too!

    I'd love 65 degrees right now. It's heating up here.

    Oh, cute Mo!


    1. I think it may get warm here next week! Finally? I love the red lilies too.

      Have a good weekend!

  7. Did Mo love his icy treat? I just saw a commercial about doggy ice cream treats. Love all the lilies. I only grow one that is orange out back in one of the girls gardens. My neighbor has a whole bank of day lilies that bloom and I can see from my kitchen window. Borrowed scenery! Have a great weekend! :) Kit

  8. Oh I love all those flowers! They are really blooming beautifully! I'm sure Mo helped by watering them...right? Good boy!! LOL 😂 We're having typical HOT July weather here... uggg I love the springlike temperatures...


  9. The colors of the flowers are so beautiful!

    And Mo brought a huge smile to my face.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


  10. Wow! The lilies are so pretty! I went hiking last week and saw mountain lilies! I'll post them soon on my Get to Goal blog.


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