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Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July to all my friends from the USA!

Or as my dad would say, "Happy Birthday , America!" And then he'd shoot off his toy canon,lol. One year he hand painted red and blue pinstripes on his vintage Corvette---very patriotic. He'd feed our dog corn on the cob and give him a sip of beer. Our dog's name was Red. My mom would find red-white-and blue shorts and tees for everyone, then she'd mix up big pitchers of margaritas or pina coladas. And whatever the BBQ was--steaks, ribs, burgers and dogs---she'd make her wonderful warm German potato salad, fresh picked corn on the cob, and end up the meal with sweet biscuit-cake strawberry shortcake. And sparklers!

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Quilt-y Fourth:
"Everyone" has been posting stunning American/ RWB/ Stars & Stripes/ Eagle quilts on FB. I was inspired! I spent some time the other night trying to make these old thrifted Star blocks into something fun and appealing for the holiday.

My mom gave them to me many years ago and every so often I have tried to use them. With apologies to their original maker, aren't they awful! Some sort of 80s freestyle piecing, and way to many conflicting prints.

Mo didn't even like the backing I was trying to use up.

I'll either get tough and toss them or put away for another year. Life's too short....

Have a great holiday!



gone to the beach....
And I did ! I took a pain pill and slowly walked down to meet my friends. They got me a new comfy chair, wow. It was glorious, I was so happy. When I sit at the beach, all my cares and woes just roll off my shoulders--it's like an actual feeling, of relaxation and peace.



  1. Happy Birthday America from a wintry S Africa. Mo is looking extra handsome and festive!! Don't be hard on yourself - all the star runner needs is a fat border and a few bottles of our Douglas Green Beach House wine, a delicious snack platter or two and there you go. Thank you for brightening our day with your jolly blog. Penny

    1. Penny Hi! I did not realise my fave wine was from South Africa. It is featured in my previous post. I loved looking at the link and seeing the other wones, something to look for esp the rose. Thanks for visitng!


  2. Lol! Mo looks so cute. Such a good, patient puppy.

    Your Dad's traditions are hilarious. Did the dog enjoy the beer? I've heard that some dogs do. My Mom used to make German potato salad too. I always liked it. Tried to make it a couple of times myself, but it was never as good as hers.

    The house looks so festive. Is the flower pot on the right planted from your seeds?

    WOW! My heart is happy that you were able to spend time on the beach :) Yay you! That's a great way to swing into summer. Such nice friends to get you a chair too. Cute pic of the flip flops at the end of the walk.

    Thanks for sharing Lizzy, and Happy 4th to you and yours!


    1. Hi Kel! Yes most dogs like beer [only a sip!!!]and Red was a *German* shorthaired pointer, guaranteed to love beer. It also calmed him down bec he was terrified of fireworks.

      The flowers on my deck are ALL from our seed packets or summer bulbs [lilies, elie ears, dahlias] except the two lavenders. The dahlias esp are a surprise since the were supermarket cheapies.

      I measured the trek to the beach on my phone, it is 1.8 miles round trip, most over soft sand. The beach is huge this year! I m pretty tired.

      Thx for the cool photos, I'll email separately later. Happy 43th!

  3. I'm so happy you made it to the beach and took some time to relax!
    I always enjoy hearing about your family traditions.
    There's always etsy for your stars.....

    1. The stars are uglier in person, not up to my etsy standards, but a good hint!

  4. I'm *SO* glad you got to the beach! And Mo is adorable dressed up for the 4th.

    I don't think the funky stars are that bad. I'd say to turn them into a July banner or a table-runner and call it good!

    Love the beach pictures, so many people! And all the shoes at the end of the boardwalk made me laugh.

    Have a great 4th!

  5. The Stars were going to be a table runner! Maybe next year...

  6. Happy 4th of July! Hope you & Mo enjoyed the day!

    1. Happy 4th to you too, Cathy! We re off to see the fireworks now! Exciting!

  7. Morning! I love Mo all dressed up....LOL Hey, I saw a bowl of carpet balls in an antique store. They wanted $8.00 a ball. Was that a good price? I had already bought my fill so passed them up. I hope you had a great 4th. We did! :) Kit

    1. OMG! If they were antique real Scottish Victorian carpet balls, that was amazing! They are usually about $90.oo-$175.oo each!!! But if they were modern repros [I have a few moderns mixed in] that s a good price, market value. New ones are shiny and hollow; often floral designs whereas the antique balls are usually stars / calico or stripes/ plaid/ solid white.

    2. Actually like many antiques they are selling for somewhat lower prices right now. But not 8.oo!

  8. What a sunny, happy post. I just walked on my little beach and I considered taking a nap every five steps. I'm so out of shape and I forgot what walking in sand was like. lol.

    Hugs to you and to Mo.

  9. I love the 'tiara' you have for Mo for the 4th of July!

    Hoping you had an amazing 4th!



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