I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Monday, April 10, 2017

Searching for Spring

Hello! Is it spring yet? Not here! My weather app tells me it's a balmy 75* in the city, but here at the beach it's barely 50 with a gale wind blowing hard out of the south. The chill does not stop beach people from sprouting shorts and flipflops, I noticed when I went to the village today for  Monday errands. It's school spring break and by gosh, the kids who didn't go to Cancun are gonna celebrate in style anyway. The surf beach parking lot was pretty busy, so I popped in to see what was happening, how it fared over the winter.

The boardwalk is installed.

It looks oddly the same as my own dune ramp, doesn't it?

 But then...The View. The dunes here are quite high, the beach is a steep drop blow. The view is amazing.

There's a horizontal  a ramp this year to help make the downward sloping scramble a bit easier and safer.

There were a few kids on the beach, some teens, some young moms with their out of school kiddies. Hahaha, all bundled up in parkas.

No surfers because of the onshore wind and hard choppy seas and shorebreak.

But beautiful in its windswept glory, as always...

I live a few miles beyond and behind these straw covered dunes.

No hint of green.

Maybe soon? In June? Is it spring-like where you are?



gone to the beach....


  1. Oh Lizzy! So gorgeous! It was snowing today. It didn't stick but still, come on! No warm up yet here. Only in the high 40's. I haven't ventured out in the yard yet. Soon I hope! :) Kit

    1. Snow! I won t complain then, yeesh!

  2. We have had a few sunny days, but we are still in the 20's at night and fresh snow in the mountains. I'm searching too!!

  3. It looks spring-like here but it's still on the cool side. Our grass is growing, though, hearing a lot of people out mowing. My allergies are being annoying so I'm not out much.

    Mo looks like he doesn't mind the cool of your not-quite-spring!

    The beach photos look gorgeous, but I don't think I'd venture out there with such wind! Does't the wind blow the sand? Well, if I was there for vacation and only had a week I'd probably go out anyway just not to miss out on beach walking...

    Nice to see you out and about checking out the beach!

    1. Yes, sand blasted or as Hunter calls it dermabrasion from the blowing sand, but it s not too bad when the wind is off the water.

  4. Beautiful set of photos! We also get people that are determined to have their beach time, no matter the weather. Often they're just people that have driven from an hour or so inland where it's sooo hot, but it's not unusual for the coast to be overcast and really chilly in spring and early summer.

    Lol, Mo is so cute. Love it when he gives you the look.

    1. The moms with the freezing kids looked so miserable! I admit I took my kids when they were little, all year round...but we were used to it. We only get locals on our beaches here, so these must have been young moms who were desperate to get the kids out of the house,lol.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your walk. I love the wind. We do get trade winds, of course, but usually we get as much dermabrasian as cooling. lol

    We have the air conditioning on at work. None at home so this is quite the treat. I don't even have to feel guilty since the electricity is included in the rent. lol.

    Aloha and nose smooches to Mo.


  6. Liz, Love your post...Happy Easter to you & Mo! Love his bunny ears!


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