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Friday, April 14, 2017

A Simple Spring ~ Easter

Happy Spring, dear friends! Happy Easter, Happy Passover ~

This year I have tried to keep my spring and Easter decor low key and simple.

But I dearly love Eggs! And bunnies, and spring flowers.

New this year, wooden eggs from Target. I painted them with pastel chalk paint.

Mostly real blown out eggs, a long time collection. Bunny from folk artist Michelle Pooler.

Overblown yet beautiful parrot tulips.

Tiny branches found on walks after windy days. Seaglass bottles from my beach.

Faux nest, a long ago gift from my mom.

Tiny pugs!

Mr Bunny. My new piece of quilted batik gives a modern beachy hint to my traditional decor.

Chocolate molds.

The eggs again. I like them in the egg-like speckled old bowl. 

The real thing: Cadbury eggs in an old Mason jar.

Bright eggs in an old blue trencher or treenware bowl from Maine.

I made the rag ball eggs this year too. Hot glue gun and acrylic sealant, much more effective than last year's flops made with ModPodge.

Wishing you a happy weekend filled with all good things, and family and friends!



gone to the beach................


  1. Your decorating doesn't look low-key to me, especially since we only decorate for Christmas! No room to store any other decorations, so I really enjoy seeing what others do. Your eggs and that batik fabric are stunning yet understated, perfect for spring and Easter.

  2. Love what you've done!! Are the 2 pugs s and p shakers? I adore your decor in every way!

  3. Your chalk-paint eggs came out really good, and your fabric eggs are so nice! I love your bowl of blown eggs (Is Mo leaving them alone this year?) and the bunny that LOOKS like chocolate. I always enjoy seeing how you decorate. Thank you for sharing, and I hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hi! Thanks! The eggs were both fun projects, nice to get away from sewing a bit. The blown eggs did not interest Mo this year, he never goes to that part of the living room. And he has also learned he is not allowed on the dining room table~! So hopefully my eggs will be safe. I do love my faux chocolate bunny!

  4. Puggies! They look right at home. Is Michelle Pooler an Etsy vendor? All your decs are SO pretty. Happy Easter dear friend. Blessings.

    1. Michelle sells on FB now.


  5. It's like seeing old friends. Love all of your eggs. The ones from Target that you painted turned out really well, as did the rag ball eggs. Oh, and that bunny. Took more than a couple of years to not be fooled by him...her?


    1. Hmmm, maybe next year I better dig out something ''new''! I just love Faux Bunny and my eggs. I did look back at other Easters and see there s a lot repeated, sigh.

    2. My brother says he found slides of old Easter as kids days, us in our finery! Maybe he can send them for us next year for a change of pace. LOL. [lotta ugly kid years there, I m afraid.]

    3. I love the bunny, and the eggs too. I look forward to seeing them. I would miss them if you skipped them next year.

      The addition of childhood pics would be fun. Yes, lol, we all had those 'awkward' years.

  6. It looks like it was a glorious spring celebration! I love that you painted the eggs



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