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Monday, March 13, 2017

Look What Came in the Mail!

Hi! Guess what the mail person brought me recently! I love getting packages in the mail, don't you? Sure we order stuff online, and in a few days a boring brown Amazon box magically appears---but no matter how cool the purchase, it's just not the same as receiving a hand addressed mailer with real stamps! So fun!

I've been blessed with fun presents from my Internet friends. This is a tiny treasure, a miniature quilt from my friend Sue.[Coincidentally Sue lives very near where I grew up in Illinois; we met through our etsy shops. I'm afraid the cornfields and wildflowers are long gone though....]
This is such a treasure! I love dragonflies.

And notice Sue's beautiful work, the tiny heart charm, her lovely fabric choices, the way she used a vintage linen textile with hemstitching.

You can see from the label it is based on a Janet Bolton design. Sue and I both love the work of Janet Bolton, and when I was destashing last summer, I sent Bolton's most recent book on to Sue to enjoy. This is what Sue made.

I love it!
Right now it's on my bull clip display rack, but I hope to find a tiny frame for my Dragonfly. I will always treasure it, and Sue's friendship.

Mo and I both found goodies in my box from my blog / writing groups friend Mel who lives in Kansas. Mel is an exceptionally talented crocheter. Her work is so beautiful and perfect always.
For me a ponytail hat and new mitts, for dog walking days.

Isn't this yarn gorgeous!

The hat is so cute, it has an opening for my ponytail, which also keeps the hat in place, not squashing down over one's nose.

And I also asked for the mitts. They are perfect. I don't like gloves, I feel like I can't control Mo's leash when I wear gloves. Solution is these toasty warm mitts.

Another cute hat! pretty neutrals to go with my white parka.

 Mel put some reflective  yarn in the pompom so I glow in the dark when car lights finds me walking in the winter darkness.

Mo got reflective wear too. It's especially important for one's dog to be well lit at night. I know when I'm driving I sometimes can see the human, but the doggy in front near the ground isn't very visible; I just see a leash disappearing into the darkness. So Mel made this neckwarmer for Mo.

He wears it every day! [The heart is in the front.]

The yarn looks plain grey heathery, but in the dark it lights up brilliantly. The yarn is very soft and warm, not scratchy. Mo seems oblivious, it's easier for him to wear than a hat that falls in his eyes.

I asked for a heart, which I love. It looks so adorable with Mo's red corduroy jacket! But Mel also made some shamrocks, just for fun. I put them on this week, on the reverse, for St Paddy's Day fun.

Thank you, Mel!
And today  a package arrived all the way from Lori in Oregon. She sent me the scraps from her Chinese Coin rescue quilt project. Wow! I didn't expect so much or so many different fabrics [c. 1880-1910?]. Lori's finished quilt HERE

First I plan to sit down and pore over each little piece, but my mind is churning---doll quilts!

Or strawberries! Picture an old white bowl filled with strawberries made from these pieces.

And I have another project planned, I've been waiting for just the right thing to use. More later on that idea.
Thank you Lori!

Nosy Mo wants to see what is in his Nantucket baby basket which he long ago outgrew. Maybe he smells hints of Porter and Elsa, Lori's German shepherd dogs?

On the home front , we are expecting a big snow tonight and tomorrow. As always I worry about the cold, if we have a power failure. Otherwise we have plenty of food and batteries, just have to prep more Pineapples for hand sewing, just in case. Update: Oh a big fizzle, a bit of snow, a bit of rain. Very windy though, so the issue of power failure still looms. I'm a bit worried about my Oystercatcher birds returning Friday, I hope they travel safely.

Yesterday was the last full moon of winter! It's called the Worm Moon, eeew. Any worms who peek out this week are gonna get their little tails frostbit!

Mo is decked out in his jammies. His toy is also made by Mel. It's stuffed with something crinkly, Mo adores it. Yum.

And snuggled into the covers on my bed. Ready for a snow day.

Earlier he helped me sew bits and pieces of WTWGF. Whoa, what a mess/ conglomeration. I hope it improves.

No matter how  plush of a bed I offer Mo in the sewing room, he instead prefers the bin of thrift shop shirts!

Off topic entirely, but I was kinda thrilled with my lime crop. My friends of the tropical garden asked me to winter over their potted lime tree, because I get better sun [and have a green thumb]. The thing blooms constantly, what a mess. But today I found limes hatching, pretty neat. For drinks next summer?



gone to the beach...

snowy dunes from last Friday:


  1. WOW! You are loved! What lovely and thoughtful gifts. I can't think of a more deserving person. You get back what you put out there :)

    Maybe Mo likes the solid sides of the bin? He sure is cute. You must make quite a pair out walking with your new finery from Mel.

    Ooooh, do lime blossoms smell as wonderful as orange blossoms?

    Enjoy your gifts. And to Mel, Sue, and Lori, good on you!


    1. Hi Kelley! I feel so blessed to have friends like you and everyone here on my blog! Gifts are extra, so fun!

      Mo and I are quite the pair, all decked out in our MEL Fashions.

      The little lime tree seems to have no scent, but then indoor orange trees don t have scent either, much.

  2. Great mail days! Love that dragonfly creation- so small and special. I look forward to seeing what you make out of the flimsy scraps I sent.
    Mo is pretty spoiled, isn't he? He's got all kinds of goodies! Love him sleeping in the plastic bin!

    1. Thank you again for sharing the fabrics!

      I love spoiling Mo! I don t think he cares, prob would love not to have to dress up!

  3. So much fun getting pretties in the mail! I love the itty bitty dragonfly, and the fabrics are so fun - I can't wait to see the new projects!

    Mo reminds me of a cat in his contrariness - never sleeping where you think he will. (And I've been saving more crinkly stuff for a new toy when his wears out!)

    I love the pictures of the beach in snow and those dark clouds! So dramatic and pretty - and cold! I woke up to snow this morning for the first time all winter, haha. Yesterday I was taking pictures of a pear tree in full bloom. Such is live in Kansas...

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Mo and I love our woolly pretties from you! Send me a pic of your pear in bllom?

  4. So many fun presents! Such loving, thoughtful gifts. Mo is so cute. Your weather scary to me.

    It reached the low 70s last night...I was in sweats, socks, and under two quilts. lol.

    Hugs to you and Mo.


    1. Sounds too cozy for Maui!

      I get a bit scared by severe weather now. At the moment they are saying many power failures due to the high winds. That s my big ''fear'' . I ll never forget the awful cold darkness and silence after Hurricane Sandy--and that was in the Fall, temps in the 50s. Gonna go heat up Mo's solid state kennel heater pad, it stays very hot for 12 hours. Just.in.case. [No Mel, none of the emergency heaters we ve found sound safe to me!]

  5. I agree...you are a very special person and deserve all these little treasures. It was a joy to make the wee dragonfly for you. Enjoy! Mel has made some lovely yarn gifts for you and Mo...

  6. Thank you for schooling me on the dragonfly quilt-let ... I'm still so new to quilting I don't even know what I don't know. I did recognize the hemstitched linen, though ... and have made mental note of how effective it is as a backdrop.

    As for those scraps of cloth ... lucky you!

    And whatever WTWGF means, I very much like how it looks!

    1. https://www.amazon.com/Janet-Bolton/e/B001K7WWPS

      link to Janet Bolton's books. Also has a website and is on FB.


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