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Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St Patrick's Day

I love this vintage card for its nontraditional
but springtime charming motifs of snowdrops and violets.
Unusual, rare.
Hi! You know what they say---"On St Patrick's Day, everyone is Irish!" My immediate family isn't Irish, but that never daunted my mom. On March 17, she always made corned beef, cabbage, and boiled potatoes. Later she switched to the fancier version of colcannon*, a favorite of mine.We were as Irish as a bunch of third or fourth generation Americans of Anglo-European heritage could be.
In college--green beer, hahaha. And Chicago, home, with its green river and green road stripes.

I'll never forget my first St Patrick's Day in NYC (it's a big deal here in NY.) I was home with bronchitis on a snowy frigid day, when I heard--bagpipes! Row after row of  marching bands, in their kilts and high fuzzy black fur hats or tams, bagpipes wailing. The kilts were fabulous: bumblebee yellow and black, brilliant turquoise and red and black. It was an amazing sight right below my apartment window.

Mo is all set if the parade should pass by here. This is his fancy party collar.

It has bells! "I'll be there, with bell's on!"  says Mo.

Mo also got presents, of course. Shamrock green "Greenie" breath mint treats.

And since it's so cold he's been wearing his woolly shamrock neckwarmer too.

This gives you a better idea of how this neat yarn works. This is with flash in a dark room.

Meanwhile, the great big blizzard of '17 was a huge flop. Mostly sleet and freezing rain. The chairs are turned over by me, in case of high winds. Ha!

I wasn't exactly disappointed--more like--annoyed! When we can't trust the weatherman , what's left? No wonder we don't evacuate when a hurricane ''might'' come, these guys have cried wolf way too many times.

I hope you have a fun St. Patrick's Day! Here's some fun vintage menu ideas.



gone to the beach............

*colcannon is a delicious hot buttery creamy mixture of mashed potatoes and steamed cabbage. There are many recipes : HERE   Leeks and bacon optional/ not essential.


  1. McNees is one of my family names! I'll fix something tonight that celebrates my Irish heritage!!
    Bagpipes below windows while sick sounds very cool!

  2. Top o' the mornin' to ya Lizzy! NYC's parade must have been a feast for the eyes, and ears. Great memory to share.

    Mo doesn't need to wait for a parade...Mo IS the parade! So cute all decked out. How cool is that reflective yarn?!

    Cool, you just gave me a dinner plan. I didn't want to do the corned beef thing, so I'll try making Concannon.


  3. Mo, as always, looks beautiful.

    I love the ice cream log with the shamrock center.

    Now I'm hungry for mashed potatoes and cabbage. It sounds so good I would have a plate right now even though it's breakfast time. lol

    Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  4. I love Mo's "party" collar!

    LOL, one year my mom put green food coloring in the mashed potatoes...and my brothers wouldn't eat them. (Now, MY kids wouldn't have hesitated, they loved 'dyeing' their cream of wheat strange colors.) Even though we were part Irish, that was about as far as our St. Patrick's Day festivities went back then!

    Just out of curiosity, what did your mom serve with the colcannon?

    1. Corned beef, of course! [But NY deli style crept in, she'd serve it w rye bread and hot yellow mustard, too.]

  5. Wow, what a memory jogger this post is! My mom made corned beef and cabbage once a year ... I much prefer your colcannon take and am thinking it would go exceptionally well with some leftover Texas smoked brisket (much better than boiled been imho).

    And Hood's ice cream. When I was growing up on Long Island, that was the brand my mom preferred. I especially liked their chocolate chip (which was more like chocolate chunk and melted pleasingly on the tongue).

    As for weather forecasting, no one (phone apps included) seems to get it right anymore. But then again, did they ever?

  6. Aye, we celebrated ourCeltic heritage over here yesterday with corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, etc. Tis a good reason to eat! Mo is a treasure.

  7. I love that Mo is/was part of the 'wearing of the green' for St. Paddy's!

    Hubby and my mom love corned beef, me, not so much! (G and Poh don't wear the green, but love the feast's leavings).



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