I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, February 17, 2017

Another Friday

Good afternoon!~ Mo and I are waiting for the groomer van! She is running very late, but Mo needs his bath. He always looks so white and fluffy afterwards. And he'll smell like coconut shampoo!

Not much else is happening here at the beach, unless we want to talk about potholes, mounds of dirty snow, and high winds. Grrr, I do hate windy days.

The grocery store has forsythia to force into bright yellow spring-like bloom. But I had a mental blip and bought white tulips instead. Huh? I love forsythia, have to go back tomorrow maybe.

Indoors isn't going as planned either. Not bad, just--random. I started my Turkey block for Fall Festival, instead of making the weird Stars and the Flag. Oh well. Isn't he fun!

I made the last block, number 12, of Westering Women. ''Road to California''.

I again set the blocks out on my bed, sorry not a good photo and not in order, to decide if I want 12 blocks with a wider border like Brackman suggests. Or 16, with a narrow border and square shape.

I'm thinking four more pioneer inspired blocks: Corn and Beans [meals on the road, can you imagine walking all day behind the Conestoga, then having to cook a meal!? Yeesh.] ; Log Cabin or Schoolhouse [their first home]; Basket [their first harvest/ successful settling]. And I love this, Prairie Queen, to represent my young traveler. The quote attached to the block is along the lines of "If a woman don't have strength and determination, she don't belong on the ranch!" My girl is so happy she isn't in a soddy in Nebraska with the snakes and bugs! She is proud of her one room cabin in Cali.
I'm not finding much about the travelers' ending in California. Where did they go, what did they build? Crops or gold?  What about settlers on the so-called Santa Fe Trail? You get to Santa Fe, and what? Buy Native jewelry? I'm not picturing a huge population burst out there? A mystery so far...Lots to research and learn.

And instead of sewing my 147 Wild Geese  for WTGF, I decided to put together the Dotties. It's fun to revisit them and despite some mistakes in seam direction they have gone together easily and well. I think I like them. Two sections done, through row 13; 14-19 left to be done.

I'm surprised how often fabrics show up side by side. Unintentionally, weeks apart, as I sew the rows of twenty, this happens:

Or worse, this--- not only ugly but one is upside down, below the lighthouse. Most I wouldn't redo, but I think I'll rip this one out and do a sub . Is that cheating?

The other interesting [?] thing is that the fabrics, chosen to represent each day, mostly don't have even a hint of insight or recollection happening for me. Sure I know it's a birthday, or Christmas, but the everyday days are meaningless. I'm glad I wrote the diary to go with; not sure there is any point to the project if the Dots fade into oblivion, as most days do.

My Dotty will have small simple border but I found this on Pinterest. How great it would have been to have a wonderful top [or bottom] border to add interest and info. It is too large for that, planning ahead with much smaller dots would have been an  option. Too late now.

Chasing zinnias:
Love! How adorable!
[from Pinterest, no attribution yet.]

The Dotties' 4" squares are going together so delightfully that I am inspired to at least consider reproducing this antique Amish wool quilt, though in cotton. Pinterest again, see my Dot Quilts file for a better picture.

Mo has not gotten me out to sit with our deck's glacier but maybe tomorrow?

And even I who loves Winter had a small hankering for spring. A robin's egg blue Weller bowl snuck out of the bowl stack!



gone to the beach...


  1. I love Mo's circle in your dotty quilt. And I like the idea of adding 4 more blocks to Westering Women. You'll need to write the story of your young woman along the trail, maybe she was part of the California gold rush. Mine of course went to Oregon's Willamette Valley.

    1. Hi! Thanks! I ll look forward to seeing your West to Oregon quilt, I ll go check out your blog.
      I bet looking for gold was a back breaking chore, much as I love hunting for treasures, like on the beach! I think my girl wants a garden and canning and quilting instead.

  2. Awww, Mo with snow on his snout! Jeeze, only 3.99 for the forsythia branches, get on back there!

    That turkey is darn cute, and how nice to revisit the dots. Maybe replace the one the ended up the wrong way...hmmm, or leave it for added interest ;) I know nothing about quilts, but I might agree with adding four more blocks to Westering Women.

    Beautiful pics of the beach, ocean, and sunset. The bowl really is beautiful, it does look like spring. It would look perfect filled with dyed Easter eggs.

    Hope the wind has died down so you can get your walk in.


    1. Mo wants you to know pugs do not have ''snouts"! LOL LOL! They are snout-free if they are perfect pugs. You want to say muzzles or noses or faces. [teasing!]

      Yes I though the same about the bowl and even looked at my bag of real eggs [dried] today...but it seems too soon.

      Hope you re ok! Saw some scary storm pics online.



    2. Lol! Tell Mo I have been properly schooled!

  3. I'd leave the dots, even the upside-down one! It looks like a shipwreck below the lighthouse, lol. I can see where most of the dots can't trigger a memory of the day but I'm sure some do - the pug dots, for days when Mo was involved more than normal, the beach days, etc. But yes, the diary is good to go with the quilt...might be hard to count the dots to line them up with the diary, though. But still fun.

    I love the pic of Mo in the snow. He looks like he was having fun.

    Maybe not all the Westering Women went as far as California or Santa Fe - Missouri was 'the west' at one time! And right after the Civil War a lot of people headed to Texas. So you could pretty much decide your lady went anywhere west of the Mississippi!

    Love the color of that bowl! As much as I love the way your living room looks, all that white would make me feel cold in the winter. I'd need some warmer colors (or at least brighter colors) to make me feel warmer! And oh my yes, go back and get some forsythia!

    Hope your days are warmer and less windy soon!

    1. Hahaha, my W Woman wants to get to California! She wants a house on the beach! [apparently a possibility, as I read about this...folks went on as far as the coast! "My girl is so happy she isn't in a soddy in Nebraska with the snakes and bugs! She is proud of her one room cabin in Cali." But like you, I picture the pioneers going to Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska--farm states. Even Utah or Oregon. Im enjoying searching for more info on the California and Santa Fe Trail ends..
      I don t think you d find my white rooms cold feeling in person, no one has ever complained, and yes, they complain about *everything*! lol.

  4. The snow on Mo's nose made me laugh out loud...and I showed it to a friend to give her a laugh, too.

    I love the dots. Especially the upside down one. I'm entering a phase where I don't fix anything. It seems as though working on not being perfect is a lot of fun for me.

    (The start of the block I made has three stitches you can see from the front. I was going to redo the area, but it tickles me to leave them.)

    All of your work is so beautiful. Your posts have been so full of fun. Even more so than usual.

    Thank you for sharing so many bright things.

    Aloha and hugs,

    1. I m glad you enjoyed the post!

      I m undecided about the one Dotty. I could live w upside down OR ugly bu maybe not both?

  5. I just really love your Dottie quilt. It is just strikes me and it is such fun and pretty. Yes, fix that one circle or you will forever look for it and frown....LOL Have a great weekend! Kit

    1. I think you re right about Ugly Upside Down Dotty...

  6. Hi...your turkey turned out great! I, too, wonder how travelers, explorers, settlers, pioneers wound up. How did they choose a particular spot? Fascinating. I admire their courage. Do you hand or machine piece your blocks?

  7. Wow! You have a lot going on! I love your turkey! I have lots of sewing to do this weekend!

  8. The dot project is gorgeous and the turkey has a great personality!


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