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Monday, February 13, 2017

A Tiny Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day, dear friends! May your day be special.

I love Valentines and Valentine's Day! Often I am blessed with cards or flowers from my kids or friends. But this year---Just*In*Case, I treated myself to a tiny Valentine quilt project/ kit from Temecula Quilt Company. The little quilt is called Box of Chocolates and is a free pattern on their website, or it can be purchased as a kit for not much more than a store bought card!

Oh I was thrilled.

I love the fabrics they used, none of which I've ever seen to buy. What a treat! Each calico would be perfect for a dress for my china doll! How would I chose even? [I don't think they do yardage online.]

The picture to the far right is their version, with ''frosting" on the heart. I chose to make mine emphasizing the hearts and was pleased they included plenty of fabric to make that change.

My quilting friends won't be impressed, but look how tiny the pieces are.. 3/4" finished, I think.

The pattern was so easy and well written! What a change from some of our recent prim projects lately, much as we love them. Look how perfectly they went together.

Really fun mini quilt! It took me about 4 hours to complete. I think it's adorable.  Approximately 6" x 9".

Love the inclusion of the plaid, too.

My only regret is that there was not enough border fabric to fussy cut the side borders so the sweet calico motif was centered.

This year I didn't do lots of Valentine decorating. I put my Valentine inspired strawberries in my old Sandwich Glass candy jar [instead of chocolates, too bad.].

Some were sold so I switched back to to my heart shaped tin cheese and candy molds and cooky cutters that usually reside in this jar. . I enjoy my red transferware for Valentine's Day too.

Speaking of tiny Valentines...

This is media star Doug the Pug, not my Mo.

[Poor Doug, always looks exhausted! ]
Mo is ensconced in the bin of plaids and refuses to dress up.

Inspired by Lori tidying up her homespuns, I had emptied this bin out, washed and refolded all the plaid shirting bits and pieces. Mo was NOT pleased! He spent a good ten minutes making everything messy and comfy again. sigh...

Later I might make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for my kids' Valentines.
( Mo later in his bow tie!)

Happy Valentine's Day!



gone to the beach...

Box of Chocolates tiny quilt pattern, Temecula Quilt Company : HERE


  1. Lol! Doug the Pug!

    Such a cute little quilt. Neat idea to sell kits with everything included. Who knew.

    Yum, I hope you made the cookies for your kids.

    Hope the wind has died down there.

    Thank you for the sweet Valentines post.


    1. Hi! Thanks about the quilt. It was so fun to make!

      Had to postpone cookies, everyone is waist watching,lol.

      Wind died down, 45* and sunny tomorrow! Mo will want to sit out on the deck, but there s still 3 feet of drifted snow out there.


  2. Happy Valentine's Day! What a cute, little quilt. Your work is so neat and pretty. Mo's cuter than Doug the Pug. Mo has such a sweet expression. Hugs and Aloha. Hunter

    1. Hi! I loved making the little quilt, so rewarding to have a one-evening project that was a success.

      I love Doug, but I do agree with you that Mo has a sweet face and big soft eyes. Mo also has a very soft dense puffy coat and lots of ruff [neck folds], he s such a pretty color. [brags his human mom!].😊

  3. What a sweet quilt! Happy Valentines Day!

  4. I love the tiny quilt! Will you keep it out and use it for a while, or keep it for holidays? I'm bad about keeping things back 'for special occasions' and not using them, a habit I'm trying to break - I should enjoy my things! It's very nice that they sell it as a kit, so you can have more fabric choices without buying quarters of each one.

    Doug the Pug looks like he's biting his mouth, saying 'hurry up and take the picture already!'

    Mo looks adorable in his bright red vest! All dressed up and ready for his walk! His bowtie is cute, what does it say in the middle?

    I hope you and yours enjoy Valentine's Day!

    1. Thanks! I may keep the little quilt out awhile, it s really cute, so tiny! I d like to find one of these clipboard display frames that TQC shows w their little quilts. I also want to make a big basket display w all my doll quilts but I m not sure where to put it w out looking cluttery. The quilt kit qs really great, and easy directions!

      Mo says thank you! His bow tie says "I ll never be too doggone tired to be your Valentine!" Then on the side it says Be my Valentine, but it s kinda chopped off.

  5. Happy Valentines Day!! Love the quilt and love that close up pic of Mo. What a charmer. :) Kit

  6. What a sweet quilt! So glad you enjoyed making it. And, Mo, ever the dashing beau.

  7. Who knew they had such petite quilts and quilt kits? What a great idea and it is a gift to make/receive/admire for a long time!

    Mo really did look the part of the Valentine!



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