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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Thunder Moon ~ July

Hi! Tonight and last's full moon, for July, is called the Thunder Moon.

Tradition was, July is the month with the most thunder storms [though actually here June is the more stormy month.] This name supposedly derives fro Native American tradition. The other name for July's full moon is the Hay Moon, an ancient English farming name, when once upon a time farmers used the full moon's light to add hours to their days of harvesting hay. Not something most of us think about---hay? I do recall the giant harvester trucks working later into the night under their bright lights to harvest---something?--back when I was a little girl in Illinois. Probably corn or soybeans, no moon needed.

Later last night, spooky!
[the small bright white dots are planes or ships.]

No, Thunder Moon is far more suitable to my life and times here at the beach. The other day the air felt so heavy and stormy, I was sure there's be a big storm by afternoon. The Weather Bug said ZERO chance of rain. Hmmm. Around 4 PM the clouds hurtled in from New Jersey, leaving the lifeguards to scramble frantically to clear the beaches.

In fact two people were struck by lightning at the beach in Point Pleasant NJ, which is far by road, but just over the water expanse as the gulls fly. Maybe 20 miles away? [see in the left corner where it says Long Branch, that's by Point Pleasant NJ. My beach is under all the yellow lightning Z's. Not far!

This is from my cell phone, another stormy evening. I know It's silly but I get such a kick out of the animated weather pictures displayed in real time on my iPhone. The lightning is even different each time, how cool is that. I also am very fond of the snow screen in the winter,lol.

Here is Mo patiently waiting for the rain to stop. Time for his walk!

I hope you can go out tonight and see the Thunder Moon and big planets in our summer sky. Little things, simple pleasures. Enjoy.



gone to the beach....


  1. I always enjoy the info on the moon that you share :) Good pics. At the restaurant, we can always tell when there's a full moon. It's usually a particularly odd night. It sometimes spans the course of a few days. Never know what will happen. The worst is when it's a full moon combined with a holiday.

    So is it a weather APP that you have where it shows a depiction of the actual weather you are having? Pretty cool.

    Good to hear from you and Mo. Always a treat!


    1. Haha I wonder what weird things the restaurant patrons do?

      The animated lightning/ snow/ sunrise [stars at night! lol] etc are just the screen that is on my iPhone when I turn it on. I thought it was on everyone's, but I ll ask my son if he put it there and what it is. The real time lightning strike app is on the Weather Bug app, a freebie w/ usually very accurate weather predictions, av for your tablet or any phone or desktop.

    2. No I m wrong, the main page has the weather condition displayed but the animated bit is on the iPhone's weather app page.

    3. Patrons just odd, like they've never dined out before. Look at me like I'm speaking a foreign language as I'm trying to get their orders. Also if anything CAN go wrong, it WILL go wrong ;) This week, water heater and freezer not working on Tuesday, and someone found a piece of chicken bone in their soup.

      Thanks for the info on the weather app.

    4. LOL working w the public can be every hard. Good thing all it was was a chicken bone!

  2. It's so hot here I don't even want to THINK about going outside! Great pictures of the cloud, though - looks kinda scary. Awful to hear about folks getting struck with lightning, from what I've read you can end up with all kinds of weird things messed up after that. Definitely NOT on my list of things to try!
    The "Thunder Moon" pictures are good, too.
    Take care!

    1. I saw that you have a high heat warning! How hot is it? Indoors is best!

  3. Those clouds are crazy but so cool looking!
    Our local farmers have been harvesting HAY/feed, and yes, they do it all night when it is cooler. I'm sure the big bright moon helps.

  4. Somehow I missed both the post and the thunder moon :( ... Per your usual, gorgeous pictures and a great back story.

    I hope Mo was able to get in his constitutional!


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