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Monday, July 18, 2016

Summer Porch Quiltalong [P2]: Basket Block

Hi! We are now showing our Summer Porch aka P2 blocks on the third Monday of each month. Lori's blog will show everyone's work so far. here

I made sure I was focused and got this block done in time. It's the most detailed and intricate block on the quilt I think,  except maybe for the Bicycle Wheels.

pattern photo

I loved making this block, so fun and cheerful. It was harder than it may appear, needing layering and planning to make it all work.

It's really large! 22 1/2". That's big pieces that must lie smoothly.

I'm feeling a tiny bit better but still am home all day [cannot really walk, can't drive, can't cook much], so I've been doing my hand sewing each afternoon with Mo. Some days we have to sit indoors which I don't much like, but he needs the AC. I snuck ahead on P2 and began the Sailboat and Whales block. Ooops, cheating.

By the time we're done we'll either be really good at Moon and Star points or we'll refuse to ever sew the motifs again.[Like I don't hand sew proliferating leaves anymore.].

pattern photo

  I made a mistake though, I placed the boat too high. It should rest on the blue water when done. Either the blue and whales will have to be an inch wider or I'll add at the top.

The next block, for July-August is a perfect choice! Watermelons! I just happened decide to prewash the bright pinks for the watermelon middles and I am glad I did! I soaked four choices in cold clear water and one or more ran a LOT. Must put in a rush order of Retayne.

pattern photo

And I finished the Children block on When the Wild Geese Fly. So cute.

But this project has only one more applique block then it needs a bunch of machine sewing which is still too painful for my hips and back, so I think I will begin my Ohio Sampler project. Ohio Patterns, Anita Shackelford

I can't quite decide how to re-size the substitute blocks from the Sue Cummings book[Chicken, Doggies, Shoe, Heart in Hands etc] ....

Image result for Miami Sampler Quilt

...so I will begin slowly, with the Pomegranate and the Cotton Bole. I plan to do the multicolored version's applique first, then the piecing of both the multi and the blue versions together, then I'll go back and do the blue applique blocks. Hahaha. This could, of course, take many years....

Having my quilting, and my blog and friends here---and dear Mo, has meant so much to me during this summer of illness! When one wakes up each morning facing a day of relentless pain, it is so encouraging to have a fun project to plan, and friends to share it with. Thank you all!



gone to the beach...

PS The Watermelon dress was a success! Even Mo got a pressie, a new halter, escape proof? We hope.

Littlest surf shop t-shirt ever! Pink!

The red tankers, right on schedules, Sunday night.


  1. I love your block! So bright and fun!! The fabrics you are choosing are so cute. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's blocks!

  2. Such gorgeous blocks you've been working on!

    I can't fathom how you select each fabric and seem to always come up with the best one for each element!

    So glad the dress was a hit (and Mo looks dapper, too)!

    Feel better!

    Smooches to all!


  3. My internet is back, YAY! Still don't know what was wrong with it, but now I can see and comment again.

    Your P2 block came out great, so bright and cheerful! The flag is probably the best-looking one I've ever seen, I love how you found blue fabric with stars.

    IMHO I think you should just make the blue/whales part an inch larger on the sailboat block - whales need space to swim! I hope the Retayne fixes the pinks because the watermelon slices are cute - although I'd hate sewing the seeds on! I'd cheat and use fabric paint!

    I'm always amazed at the detailed applique you do by hand. My hands would fall off....at the least it'd take me a lot longer than it does you.

    The dress is adorable (so is the little girl!) and Mo looks like he's having fun, too.

    I'm glad you have your nice deck and view to tide you over while your walking is limited. I hope you continue to improve and get to enjoy some of your summer! I can't imagine how awful it would be if you didn't have your sewing and Mo! We're here for you, though, as much as we can be!

    Take care!
    P.S. Which is the pomegranate block? I think I know the cotton bole...

    1. Hi! Thanks . The Pomegranate is the single ''flower'' below the C. on the book cover, and the cotton bole, not shown, is also called Carnation and looks a lot like one of the flowers below the doggy block in the right. Very simple designs....

  4. How lovely are those blocks! So very glad to hear you are feeling even a tiny bit better. Sending great big hugs your way and for little precious paws. Love, Sue

  5. The basket block looks great, as do all of the other things you are working on. I'm always impressed and amazed what you accomplish, even when you're not feeling your best. You're an inspiration :)

    Love seeing the little girl in her dress. Too cute she is!

    We had been having fairly mild weather for 10 days or so. Really lovely days and cooler nights. It's starting to heat up a little. I keep asking everyone if it's hot, or is just me? Lol.


    P.S. Yes, the Plumeria have a very nice scent.

    1. I fear my stitches are not always so wonderfully tiny, but I am really enjoying having my projects to work on. Quilts just for me don t require the perfection I expect of my etsy shop things, so that s a smidge neglected right now. Nor could I pack and mail things.

      I hope your plumeria grows and thrives!

  6. Great block this month. I love the fabrics you have used.


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