I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, June 17, 2016

Small World

Hi everyone! My world has shrunk down to almost nothing these days, as the severe pain I am having in my hip joints just seems to be out of control. Many days I don't leave my bed, as lying flat has the least painful results. Then some days I manage an hour on my deck , sewing Dotties if it's a good day,

Dotty 365 Diary
or just sitting and counting the big ships, if it's a "poorly" day.

The huge ships must come and go but they seem to just endlessly sit out there, ''lying off  the roads'' of the shipping lane. A common number is a dozen, but as many as 16 can be lined up waiting to come or go at the Port of New York or possibly Port Newark.

These two red tankers are always there! Weird.

Every once in a while, late at light, I see a gloriously lit up ocean liner /  cruise ship go by, steaming off to the east, going the other way against traffic. I have an app on my phone that shows each ship, its name/ cargo/ home port.

Gully sits on the lamp post some days. Bet he wonders what the heck is my problem.

Mo's walker took him to visit the koi today!

I did finish my May P2 block. I sewed the sun and added a fun cheddar barn star to the house.

And I have this wonderful wagon train fabric scrap that I so want to use for the center of this month's Westering Women. [if and when I can again do some sewing....]

It is very anachronistic, a repro of c. 1930 apron fabric or little boy's shirt? while the WW project is c. 1850. Use it? Or lose it, because I'll really regret ''cutesy'' a year from now?

 I don't enjoy blogs where the writer constantly whines about being sick, so I'll try to keep my posts fun here, or shut up and get better.



gone to the beach....

It's out there and I am NOT. :-(


  1. Where is the lamp Gully is sitting on? Maybe he's watching for you?

    Hubby wants to know what the ship app is called! Sounds interesting.

    How big is your wagon-train scrap? Big enough to use and have leftovers for dots, maybe? I like it (I remember my brothers wearing some pretty goofy prints on western-style shirts when I was little) but only you can decide if you want to use it!

    Take care and I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Use that fun fabric! It's perfect for the westerly blocks! I'm west, I should know!! I'm so sad to hear you are still feeling poorly. I hope and pray the pain subsides soon.
    What a fun app to have while you watch the ships. Take care friend. XOXO

  3. We have a new large pool and gym complex just around the corner. I've been using the hydrotherapy pool for my knees. I'll be able to walk there when my knees improve. Would this help you? Do you have a pool close by?

  4. Your P2 block looks so cute and cheerful! The ship app sounds fun. So sorry you are feeling so badly. Sending you prayers and good thoughts that you are feeling better soon.

  5. I do hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you. The Western scrap is cute, so it depends on your plan. Go with your gut instinct. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  6. I do hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you. The Western scrap is cute, so it depends on your plan. Go with your gut instinct. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  7. Sorry to hear about your hip pain. I had knee and hip pain a week ago for several days that was really aggravating, especially since at the time I had a bunch of other health issues, too. Thankfully, I'm all better now, but I know how you are feeling. No fun at all when your joints are out of whack. Take care!

  8. Oh so sorry you are feeling such pain. I really feel for ya. I have a glitchy back myself and when it flairs up, all I do is sit on my couch and watch golf. Golf? I don't know,it just soothes me. I love your boat info and pics. That would be cool to see the cruise ships go by. :) I hope you are up and about soon. Take care Lizzy! Kit

  9. I forgot! That Western material is soooo cool! Save it. :) Kit

  10. Hoping you get a break soon, you could sure use it. Any alternative options for you to try?

    Thank you for sharing with us even though you're not feeling your best. We would miss your posts if you had to take a break :)

    I think the scrap of wagon train fabric is fun.

    Cool app to have for the big boats, wow, really cool.

    Hello to Mo for me.


  11. Hi Kel! I hope your etsy package arrived as planned? I m not one for alternative medicine but Tammy, above, suggests turmeric, golden turmeric milk...something to look into when I can actually do more than lie around writhing in pain,lol. My friend came over this afternoon and planted summer bulbs in my deck pots! So maybe I ll have pretties to look at soon?
    Mo came for a visit but he was mad at me! Sulking, I think?


  12. You are not a whiner! Just praying for your quick recovery. Western fabric is sweet and timeless - just like you!

  13. I adore the 'cutesy' fabric. I think it would be a fabric I would regret not using/purchasing in six months or a year.

    You don't whine/winge/complain (or is it whinge?). I had no idea that there was pain in your hips. No wonder Mo goes on such long walks with you; don't use the hips and they freeze up!

    Feel better and I love looking at your blocks.


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