I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A February Beach Day

Hi! February already!? What happened to January, it just flew by. Yesterday was warm and sunny, like an early May day.
The sky was the softest robin's egg blue.

I do love an empty beach, don't you. The snow has melted enough that we can go to the beach, come on!

Here you can see how high the waves of the Big Snow came up and over the outer dunes!

After a snow the sand can be unstable. A few of my longtime readers may recall my getting stuck in quicksand! It has happened to me twice over the years.

The black tide line shows how high to waves came last week. This is black garnet and minerals, haevy sand, that had stuck to the now melted snow. Usually the lighter white sand is on top.

But by Sunday I decided things were safe and the kids beat me down to the shoreline.

Of course they found ALL the good treasures.

A c. 1950s Coke bottle, perfect condition, lovely sand glass wear. And money!

I try to walk every day, in  addition to Mo's three walks. There's some interesting large driftwood, but one man was gathering all the wood and guarding it jealously. He was filling those giant yellow IKEA bags they give out.

Still quite a bit of snow here on the open beach.

Dusk comes early still.

But not as early was in mid-December. Sunset is now at 5.15, not 3.45. Much better.

I had to get the deck chairs out for Mo.

He enjoys his midday sun and chew toy/ treat and he has been unhappy that he couldn't get out. I sat with him for a half hour, sewing on Pokeberry, before retreating to the dining room table. I love my new crafting space, but it has no view, so when I do handwork, wanting bright daylight, I am still drawn to ''my place" where I have sat and sewed for so many years.

Today is warm still but misty and rainy, like an October day. It feels like a day for going antiquing on the Cape or in Vermont, not like a February day at all.

What do you think? Early spring or six more weeks of winter?



gone to the beach


  1. Seeing snow on sand just seems wrong, even after all this time. I think 'beach' and it means 'warm', LOL. I wonder what the man gathering all the driftwood was going to do with it?

    The sky and water looked so pretty! Looked kind of cold, though. Mo looked like he was soaking up the sun while chewing his treat, looks happy!

    Your pokeberry quilt is coming right along! So much sewing, I'm glad your hand is up to it again.

    Our snow is all gone, I think, and the forecast SAYS warmish temperatures and partly or mostly sunny for the next several days. I'm getting some energy back, getting a FEW things done here and there - better than nothing!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm thinking 6 more weeks of winter. At least here in Central Oregon. I am enjoying the longer days though.

  3. Me again...

    One of my friends and I were discussing ol' Phil the Groundhog's forecast of an early spring. Apparently someone has been keeping track, and Phil's track record isn't so hot - he's only right 39% of the time....

    Yeah...I wasn't going to count on it anyway. As one funny lady in the Wal-Mart parking lot recently exclaimed, "Kansas has bipolar weather!"

  4. The beach looks beautiful, and a little winter-ish. Fun finds for the kids. It's nice that they like to beach comb.

    Love the idea of you sitting at the dining table sewing. A very comforting visual :)

    Mo is really living the good life isn't he? Such personality.

    Sunset pics are great!


  5. Hello my friend! Love the shots of the beach as always. I have to get my fix thru you until June. :) I am hoping for an early spring, but I must say, either way I am happy. I love my cozy winter days. Have a good weekend. Go Broncos! Kit

  6. It is always hard for me to reconcile cold, snow, storms, anything other than a 75 degree day with the beach.

    Hoping you were able to bundle up and stay warm.


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