I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, January 29, 2016

Quilty 365 - January, etc.

Hello! I'm back, I've had severe migraines for the past two weeks, it slows me downs. Bummer.
excuses, excuses...
Here are my Dots for January.

For Audrey's Quilty 365 sewalong. Audrey's post and link up to see everyone else's Circles: click HERE
This month I made sure I was ready for her 1st of the month Linky. [
It took me two sewing days to catch up this time.
The final days aren't sewed in this photo. I try not to work ahead, and will leave these pinned in case my actual days' experiences demand different dots.

I've been enjoying collecting script , text, punctuation, and journal fabric for the backing squares. They reference that this is indeed a diary.

I still write every day in my little go-with book. "Chores, sewing, walked Mo. Errands. Tedious. Lonely." Hahaha. No one is going to cherish this account 200 years from now.
This is  my little box I keep my blocks in. I guess I need another or bigger box.

Here are all my blocks so far. If I counted right I have done 87 Dots. Feb 1st will be Day 88.

I have been focusing on Pokeberry too. It started out well, but I feel bogged down now by all the many more hand appliques and embroideries that are still to be done after seams are sewed. It's much harder to sew out in the center of a large background. And I hate to embroider, loathe it.

Here are my indoor flower bulbs at almost 3 weeks.

I think they're wonderful! Quite a show this year!

So much beauty and joy and springtime happiness with so little effort. Just the remembering to pick up the paperwhite bulbs in the fall, when I buy my mums and pumpkins.

If all goes as planned my thrifting friend will visit me this weekend. We may go to the indoor flea. Wish us happy hunting.

What are you up to, staying in or getting out?



gone to the beach.....

Our bench!

a finer diary quote:

 "Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year."

R W Emerson


  1. Great Spring bulbs. Found my Hyacinth glass holder yesterday at the back of a cupboard. I must remember to buy the bulb this year. Did a bit of wool dyeing today. Wanting to start a Maggie Bonanomi pattern called Village Green.

  2. So sorry you have been plagued with migraines recently. I'm fortunate that I don't get them. Can't imagine how it must feel. Hope you're on the mend :)

    The dots are so cute, especially the lighthouse, and the clock, and the one that could be a ladybug. You're doing great!

    You're also doing excellent with all of the flowers. Love the hyacinth. They must make you so happy.

    Your Italian dinner sounds like it was a nice change of pace.

    Hard to believe the weekend is here again! No big plans. Working tomorrow night. If the weather forecast is correct, maybe rain for us on Sunday. Thinking of picking up the makings for mimosas and something fun for brunch. If I'm lucky, I'll get to stay in my jammies all day :)

    Have fun at the flea.


    1. Hi Kel! Brunch w mimosas sounds lovely!

  3. Wow! You still have a lot of snow!! I woke up this morning to big wet flakes coming down. I planned on getting outside for an extended run today. Looks like a good morning to stay in a sew!!
    I hope you start feeling better.

  4. I want to know what the 'ladybug' day held for you, LOL. The diary background fabrics are really fun, too.

    We've had several really nice warm sunny days and I finally got myself out of the house. Didn't get much constructive done but at least I don't feel quite as much like a hermit.

    They were saying we might get snow again on Monday or Tuesday, but now the forecast has been changed to rain. I guess we'll have to wait and see. I don't want it to get TOO warm this early or the inevitable cold snap will be freezing flower and tree buds AGAIN!

    The up and down barometric pressure gives me headaches, too, but thankfully most of mine don't reach migraine proportions lately. A few days ago I got the light sensitivity, phantom smells, and nausea of a migraine even though the actual headache wasn't all that bad - it was strange!

    LOL that your hyacinth turned out to be white, too! I was hoping for purple...

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. Sorry about your migraines - ugh. Your diary dots are awesome - all those novelties and your cool backgrounds - and you prompt me to take a photo of mine tomorrow morning in daylight. Wow, looks like you really got walloped with the snowstorm. We are in premature "mud season" up here.

  6. Hi Liz! Your circle project looks beautiful! I like that you have used different back grounds. Wonderful photos and I love your dog! Time to prepare my 'quilty 365' post. x Teje

  7. Very beautiful collection so far .

  8. What a fun collection of circles. Love the background fabrics too. Such a nice bit of spring even with so much snow still on the ground.

  9. Beautiful collection of circles, and I especially love your background fabrics. They complement your coastal theme so very well!

  10. lovely circles and love your flowers - too bad about the snow

  11. So sorry about your migraines. Your circles are fantastic!

  12. Quilty 365 is usch a great project. I love your choice of fabrics, especially the script fabric. Keep going!

  13. It really is difficult to sew from the middle of a large applique project. And embroidery, I hate that too! Cracks me up that someone else will admit that. LOVE the background fabrics of your circles. Great idea. So sorry you've been having migraines. No fun at all.

  14. Your circles look great, well done!!


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