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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Update

edit: ''Snow totals are predicted to be between 30-36 inches in southwestern Nassau,''

Hi! Are you all keeping warm and comfy? We're doing great here so far, so this is just a little update.

Mo and I went for our walk!

This is not what I'd call a blizzard, but it's a lot of snow.

Making soup now, here's a quick recipe for you all. It is not exact amounts, use what you have.

TJ's frozen leeks, far left, in my freezer

Cream Of Leek Soup.

-approx 2 Cups of mashed potatoes. [you can use leftovers or boxed, or peel and boil 2 or 3 large white potatoes and mash them well with a fork.]

-3 or four large well washed leeks or 3 or 4 bunches of scallions. About 1 C. Cut into small slices.

-In your large stockpot or dutch oven, saute the leeks in 2 T of butter. [NOT oil].

[I'm going to use a premade bag from Trader Joe's, frozen, thawed.] Cook gently until translucent and soft but do not brown or or overcook.

-If you have carrots, dice one carrots, small dice, and add to the saute. This is just for color.

-Add approx 3 cups of chicken broth. Add the mashed potatoes. Stir until mixed and bring to a gentle simmer.

-Add salt and black pepper to taste. 

-Add about 3 cups of milk, I use skim, but if you like a richer soup you can use whole milk or even fat free half and half cream. I like to blend everything at this point with a hand mixer. Or an immersion blender. But you don't have to. 

At this point if the soup is too thick, add more chicken broth or water to make the consistency you like.

-Simmer gently for 1/2 hour. Be careful, because milk scorches easily. 

-Serve with a few garlicky croutons on top.

Very good with leftover roast beef & horseradish sandwiches, on pumpernickel bread.

If you'd like chowder, you can add a bag of corn at this point; asparagus spears, cut in 2" sticks is also nice.



gone to the beach.............

last winter

so cool. From Pinterest .


  1. Beautiful! Everything always looks so peaceful when it's snowing. Glad you're doing well. The soup sounds de-lish, and easy too.

    My peeps in MD got clobbered. So far they all have power, so that's something.

    Love the birch branch even more now that it's covered in snow.

    The pic of the guy in the beach chair is classic!

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop Lizzy :)


    1. Hi! I hope your family in MD is still okay. I enjoy a storm but am a bit afraid of power failures, esp in the winter. The house got so cold after H Sandy, and it was only October. But we did okay. Today I could see the water came to the high dunes, but not any chance of coming over the seawall. That s the real killer of power, we have underground wiring but the floods make the transformers go. But all is well, so onwards til the next time. Bet you re glad you re in sunny? CA!

    2. So glad you're ok. Jeeze, you probably have PTSD after Sandy. My people are fine...spent the day digging out, no power outages. Seeing all the pics from MD made me wish I was there, well, sort of ;)

    3. Big waves and low flying planes, my two mostly irrational fears. Plus large bugs.

    4. Well, who can blame you for the planes and the waves...the bugs, well that's just silly ;)

  2. Glad to hear all is well! The storm is over and now we start cleanup. I think we got over 20" but hard to tell with all the drifting. I was on the front porch with the light on for the dogs this morning and a huge backhoe pulled in our driveway....4 scoops later and we are clear!! Amazing...backhoe angels appearing when least expected. Now we can deal with all the shoveling ahead. I can't wait to try the soup..it sounds delicious and will look for the leeks on my next trip to TJ's. You and Mo stay warm!!

  3. Looks like quite a bit of snow to me! The soup sounds delish- I've never seen frozen washed diced leeks. Great idea!!

  4. Looks like plenty of snow - more than I want! We only got 1-2 inches and it actually wasn't windy so it was a smooth blanket instead of drifts, which was NICE. It got into the 40s today so it's all melted except in deep shady places. Weather says we might get a little rain after midnight. This has been an odd winter so far!

    Your soup sound good. No TJ here, though! :(

    Stay warm!

  5. Love the idea of the soup! Comfort food is not to be underestimated!


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