I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, January 22, 2016

Snow Day?

So what's happening with this storm?
Hi guys! Weather Channel says one in four Americans will be affected by this storm, so I suppose it may hit you too. [Cathy? You okay?]. But what is really happening? Is this Armageddon, aka WS Jonas, or will we just have flurries as he heads on out to sea?

Have to prepare anyway, I guess.  My family will be away skiing so it'll just be me and Mo, braving the elements. I stocked up on puppy pads for Mo. Just. In. Case.

Of course got in lots of food. I am making a large roast beef which will last through the coming week; lasagna; potato leek soup. A new recipe of roasted sweet potatoes and sweet onions. I have lots of salads, some fruit, cold cuts, bread, all of which sounds like a lot but I'll be prepared when the kids return Sunday and I won't have to go shopping for a looong time. Probably too much food, but it will keep and better safe than sorry.

I have oatmeal cooky makings for tomorrow or Sunday. A reason to heat the oven during a storm, makes the house smell so nice.
The stores here are not crowded or empty shelved. (Though why people are buying bottled water is a mystery to me, as our water is sourced by pressure from a water tower and never stops.)

Look at these adorable sleds! I wanted one for Mo but my son convinced me Mo wouldn't ride in it. Too bad.

I've been picking up woodland-y pretties.

The birch trees have been shedding lovely white branches.

This is a whole birch limb I toted home. I may save it for an Easter egg tree, haven't done that in years.

I had a little disaster here last week during high winds: the driftwood star fell off the wall and toppled a very large very old and valuable platter which in turn toppled my best mercury glass candle jar, a lovely Staffordshire calicoware pitcher, and some of my best blue and white plates. What a clean up, shards everywhere. But I suppose it is one way to declutter.

On this shelf I use sticky wax to secure the plates, as they have been know to also fall from high winds' vibration. So let's be hopeful.

Flowers for my house in a snow storm are a must. I've been good about my resolve to buy less flowers but I definitely needed this pop of red tulips at only 4.99 a bunch.

This is the daff I rescued from the squirrel, so pretty!

And a new 1.99 hyacinth. Wonder what color it will be? No hint so far. I \hope it's pink.

Mo fell in love with my mittens. He carries them around then stows them carefully in his bowl of toys.

I have lots of handwork ready, all those January Dotties 365, and work to continue on Pokeberry. I saved some movies to the DVD thing, lol, nope I've never seen Magic Mike or Die Hard ....something.

Here is Mo in his best argyle fur lined vestie, from Puppia. It's the only garment he has never wiggled out of. I had to let it out, he has grown since last year. But I think he looks quite fine.

Oh and these are my new UGGs. Cozy! Too sweet for snow though, I'll wear my Merrell clogs or my hiking boots, both of which are black and impervious to wet and salt.

Hope all goes well! Wish us sunny skies and no power ''outages'' .



gone to the beach....


  1. I made that Pokeberry quilt a few years ago. I think I started it when we were snowbound. Hope the storms are not too bad. In the Pacific Northwest we are having lots of rain which I prefer over snow. Enjoy those cookies!

  2. I sincerely hope you don't have any seriously bad weather! Although it sounds like you're pretty well prepared, good for you. And I think the bottled water thing is a security thing - plus it won't go bad so never hurts to have some!

    Sorry to hear about the falling star breaking so many of your treasures, that's awful! I would have cried! And I somehow missed the squirrel and daffodil story! When I see red tulips for some reason I think of grade school but they are pretty, and I like your 'sticks' too.

    Your UGGS picture didn't show up... :(

    LOL, yeah, it might take a LOT of treats to convince Mo to ride on the little sled but it would probably make funny videos!

    Your talk of cookies has made me want cookies, dang it. I've been doing so good, too! Maybe my daughter will bake this weekend (she was thinking about it) and bring me a few so I won't have to bake. If I bake I'll eat too many! What recipe do you use?

    Hope you have a nice, quiet, FUN weekend with maybe some snow but nothing too exciting! You and Mo stay safe and warm!

    1. Hi! I reposted the Uggs picture but I ll email it to you.

  3. Yep! You are more than prepared! Don't have to worry that you'll be skin and bones when this is over!

    The tulips are so pretty and so happy. The rescued daffodil is showing it's appreciation for the save.

    Ugh! Rotten luck that the star fell and broke so many things. Must have made a racket.

    Those Uggs ARE so cute! I probably wouldn't ever wear them for fear of getting them dirty.

    Well, you and Mr. Cutie Pie Mo enjoy the movies and the good food. Stay warm. Look forward to your next post.


    1. Oh yes, the star falling etc made a huge crash, Mo was nearby and quite frightend.

      I love my UGGs, from my daughter, but I m a bit afraid to wear them, they re so sweet and clean. She gave me a spray, made by UGG , that is a soil and water reppellant, tho, so I m hopeful.

  4. The heavy snow has just started up again and they are calling for blizzard conditions throughout the day and tonight! We've got around 9-12" so far. It's hard too tell because it's drifting so badly. I absolutely love your Pokeberry quilt!! All your food sounds yummy and oatmeal cookies sound really good. I think I'll make some today. I plan on being in my sewing room watching the snow come down! We have a large wraparound covered porch so my pups were able to run out there and quickly run back in! They really don't like the snow but especially the high winds. Your Uggs are so cute! I wouldn't want to mess them up either! Stay safe and warm and have a cookie for me!!

  5. I'm reading your blog backwards! So sorry about the toppling of decor. Too funny about Mo packing around the mittens!!


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