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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

All Through the House

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! My house is sparkling with shiny pretties, how about yours? Sunday we went to the firehouse and bought our Christmas tree, and we set it up Sunday afternoon.

viewed from the far dunes
Look how BIG it is despite being raised to avoid Mo's naughty ways. I love it.

And then--oh this will be a wonderful Christmas memory---no snow here! Look at this temp...

...we had a BBQ and ate outside on the deck [at our friends' house.] We won't forget the year we had a Tree Day Christmas BBQ, I bet.
                                                            * * * *   * * * *
Not all the decorations are up [yes yes, I know! I'm dithering about my blown glass balls, because I worry that they're too heavy for my old big windows?], but I took some pix this morning so you could see some of the little treasures that fill every nook and cranny despite my yearly resolve to keep it simple.
A bloomin' snowman! From my friend L.

My Noah's Ark, made and whittled by my dad, painted by my mother. The made the initial 25+ two-by-twos. Altogether I have about 40 pairs of animals, some are antique putz animals, some are African carvings, some are beachcombed plastic but they all get to line up for their Christmas boat ride all the same.

More cherished favrites and folk art everywhere:

 Shades of red and green English transferware, with bottle brush trees and a few mercury glass bits.

Another one of my snowmen....

And old mercury glass ornaments mixed in with my everyday seashells...

Candy canes.

Lady Liberty.

Mo is more interested in the sunshine than in my holiday madness.

Though he isn't the best guest at times!

And he and I adore our nighttime Christmas lights walks.

I hope you're having fun, embracing the joy and light of the season. I wish everyone peace and love in these troubles times.



gone to the beach...



  1. Merry Christmas Lizzie! I love your tree and all your decorations but especially your Noah's Ark!! It's awesome! It's warm here also .... Not sure if I like that or not. I can't remember the last time we had a white Christmas. I haven't had a chance to work on my Jan Patek quilt. Waiting for next year!

  2. I looked at this last night and thought I commented....evidently not! I guess I was tired.

    Your house always looks so pretty all decorated for holidays! I'm such a Scrooge this year, I haven't put up anything at all! But then again, we won't be having Christmas here anyway.

    Did you make any of your snowmen? Didn't you make some of an air-dry clay a couple years ago? I keep thinking I'll ask you what you used and make some for myself - maybe next year. In January, before I forget!

    I'm sorting presents and getting started on wrapping today. I really only have a few days to get it done, as next week will be very crazy with DD2's surgery on the 23rd! Oh, well, it'll work out...

    Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!

  3. I made the snowmen, except the plant one from L. I use airdry clay from Michael.s, it s in the aisle w Fimo etc. It dries in a few days. If you want a very large snowman it s best to use an inner object, like a styrofoam ball.And poke holes for nose and buttons etc, arms... I have a couple of antique angels that need the wings repaired so when I dig out the clay container this weekend I ll take a picture of the box for you.

    We should make a note to make some next September, I d like some for my etsy shop.

  4. I love seeing your decor. The Noah's Ark is so special!! It has got to be a fav!!

  5. Oh my gosh, I also thought I had commented and now realize that I didn't, lol. Something in the air, or something in my age ;) I think I ponder what I want to write, and it must seem as though I've already done it!

    The Noah's Ark is pretty special. So neat that your parent's made it, AND I like that you're not all snobby about it and welcome all kinds of critters.

    Great idea putting a snowman in the lantern, and I like how you put together a display in the 'tin'? thingie you got at the flea last week. Turned out nice.

    Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos of your beautiful decorations.


  6. Oh my, everything looks so lovely! I love that little bench by the door and that angel is fantastic, as is the goose! Crazy weather you are having. We just got about 6 inches of snow and I am in heaven. Heading downtown for some local shopping today. :) Kit


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