I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, December 17, 2015

All Through the House Again

Good evening! Just a few pictures to add to my previous post, pictures of Christmas in my little beach house.

Every year I look at the fresh cut tree and say, "Isn't this really the strangest custom? To drag a huge real tree into our house?"

But then I open the boxes of ornaments and it's like seeing old friends, each greeted with cries of pleasure and Oh do you remember..?s and love and memories just pour out of the old boxes and onto the tree.

Always on the backdoor knob, a Cape Cod Santa fishing float / folk art.

Pick up trucks and trees have been very popular in the wooly quilting world this year. I've had this old tin truck, made of canned veggie tins, for many years.

Here is my blog friend Kelley's real life version, isn't it adorable!~ BIG truck, teeny tiny tree. So cute.

And my entrance hall...

More / slightly better pix of my Noah's Ark.

And Mo in his new, handmade sweater from Mel! Bumble Bee Mo. The yarn is reflective for late night walks in the dark of winter. Love it.

Hope you're having fun too!



gone to the beach................


  1. Memories...as I looked over your previous post, that's what I was thinking as I realized how many of your decorations I recognized from the last few years. It gave me the warm fuzzies :)
    I was going to go simple and spare on my tiny tree this year, until, like you, I started to unpack the ornaments and recall who had given me certain ones, or where I had bought others, and which are my favorite just because they are. I sometimes forget that 'things' are not just 'things', sometimes they are memories.

    Some of my favorites from your tree are the pig, the pug, the truck filled with flowers, I could go on.

    Cute Mo with his safety sweater, how very sweet and thoughtful of Mel.

    Thanks for the memories!


  2. Bumbly Mo! How adorable he is in his sweater and always!! My dogs won't wear sweaters..you put them on and they won't move! lol Once again, what a treasure your Noah's Ark is. Love all your decorations!!

  3. I totally have noticed many designs with red trucks and trees. I love your photo! Made me LOL this morning!
    Mo is a busy little Bee isn't he- cute!!

  4. I love the flower truck ornament! The itty-bitty tree in the big truck made me laugh - kinda overkill there! I'm glad Mo's sweater fit, I hope it keeps him safe.

  5. Your tree is so beautiful. And it's so much fun to enlarge the photo and look at all the animals in your ark. I think it's so special they are made of so many different materials. How appropriate that you gathered them from so many places.

    Mo looks so cute in his sweater.

    I hope you're having a great week.


  6. I should have known, your tree and your response to it is just like mine. All the memories, each ornament telling a story. I look at my tree each day and it is like going thru my wonderful life and all the great moments. Love the new sweater! He is just the cutest. Happy Christmas week my friend. Kit


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