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Saturday, November 21, 2015

"It's a Crock" ~ and More Rainbows

Hi everyone! We've had many warm-ish sunny days lately and I was able to finish my Fall handwork project, a wool applique design by Lynda Hall called It's a Crock.

My goal was to finish it by Thanksgiving, so although I am not 100% thrilled with my workmanship, I am happy it is done. I really love doing the wool applique.

I made quite a few changes because the very large scale design didn't fit my table runner plan. Here is the original:
Its a Crock designed by Lynda Hall stitched by humble quilts:
It's a Crock by Lynda Hall, via Pinterest

I divided up the motifs, added another crock, with  traditional blue numbering. I put pink coneflowers with black velvet centers instead of the indeterminate blue flowers.

Buttons from my antique MOP button collection. If someday  I find more of the steel studded buttons I'll replace the plainer buttons.

Oh and I added a pumpkin and a butternut squash.

And instead of the wool prairie points, I finished the runner off with antique lace from my collection.

Cute on my table?

Not functional though as it cannot be washed, so it will go in the closet now til next fall. No turkey gravy spots on MY Crocks.

In the early mornings we see rainbows, from my old chandelier crystal.

Rainbow pumpkins!

Magical, a grace note, despite its so simple science.

Mo is miffed that I didn't join him on the sunny deck just now. He is very fond of our afternoon hour on the deck each day. Pugs are very strict in their habits and he was quite disgruntled, glaring at me through the window.

 Now he's sulking.

The geraniums are still bravely in bloom.

And I have a quilt to bind, plus knitting, so wish me and Mo lots more sunny Fall days.



gone to the beach.............

*[design note: It's a Crock would have been more successful if: 1- I had taken the time to reduce the pattern to 75%, making it smaller. 2-And if I had noted the need for value contrast in the crocks. 3-I had finished the runner before appliqueing, and 4- used an easier to work with linen ground. 
Each project has its lessons to learn, I suppose.]


  1. Awww, I think it is sooo cute. You did a great job! Too bad it's not washable and can't be used for Thanksgiving. Speaking of which, I can't wait to see your table next week. It's always so pretty.

    Poor Mo. You threw a wrench into the works by not joining him on the deck. It sure doesn't look like fall in the photos you posted. The beach and ocean are stunning, and it's so sunny. Getting warm here again :) Shorts and tank today.

    Made me happy to see a new post from you today...thank you!


    1. Hi Kel! Yeah this week got away from me, my post was late. LOL I spent one whole afternoon looking for my fav table runner for my table, but it s missing! I ll show pix after the big day....

      Lucky you that it s warm. Today about halfway thru the flea market a cold front blew in and I was just wearing a light denim jacket. I am still cold. Had to run home and have hot tea. [no treasure].

      Glad you like Crock, it was fun.


  2. I think it looks wonderful. Don't be so hard on yourself.

  3. I really like it A LOT! Love it, as a matter of fact!
    That silly mo!

  4. I Love your table runner MUCH more than the original design! Especially the flowers, adding the squash and pumpkin, and the lace instead of points. I seem to always like your take on patterns better, maybe because they're more YOU. Maybe you could use it as a dresser scarf for Thanksgiving instead of on the table - still visible and pretty, but less likely to get spotted? Or could it be ScotchGuard-ed so any spills wouldn't soak in? (Maybe try on a leftover scrap?)

    Mo is so adorable, glaring at you through the window! He looks so indignant! "Where the heck are you? Get out here!"

    I LOVE the color of your yarn, the purply-blue? What is it called, and what are you making?

    The sun over the dune picture is beautiful, too. I may see if my printer can make a decent print of that, I like looking at it!

    Thanks for sharing your day and your rainbows!


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