I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Still Lifes - Beach

Fourteen---14!--- inches of rain yesterday. The storm has passed, today is a Ten-Best-Day [of the year], as the locals like to say.

A year or so of photos....


















gone to the beach`````````




  1. I have promised myself that this weekend I will go to the beach. I will walk the length of it and take photos.

    We're having Roast Beef Hash for dinner. LOL.


  2. Cool and a few funky photos.... At first I was trying to figure out what was making the 'rings' in the photo with the tire tracks, then 'duh' I realized they were shells. I'm slow today!

  3. Wait...14 inches of rain? In one day?


    1. Yes! Official was 13.something but we had even more! My palm trees floated out of their crocks.


  4. Roast beef hash sounds good! I hope you enjoy your walk. Just do what is fun and relaxing though.

  5. Hahahah Funky? I m sure you mant artistic?

  6. LOVE the photos...I can imagine them framed and all hung on one wall.

    Did I miss something? What is a Ten Best Day?

    Hope your actual house made it through all the rain without incident.


    1. I m glad you liked the photos. I too was picturing them as a photo collage on a big white wall. I suppose they could be printed in black and white if the decor is relentlessly modern.

      Rain: my house was fine, but my deck palm ''trees'' floated right out of their crocks. And Mo, who seems to like rain, was appalled by the wind and downpour and refused to go out for his midnight and dawn wees.

      A Ten Best Day seems to be a local / NYC saying, when it is an exceptionally nice day, they say it is one of the ten best days of the year. So on a nice day, we'll call it a Ten-Best.

  7. Yikes! ThAt is a whole lotta rain!

  8. Loving your pics! As always. :) Glad you didn't get some of that horrible flooding. Kit


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