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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mango Salsa

Hi! You guys gotta make this recipe! [simplified version at end of post]
It was so amazingly delicious and got rave reviews. It's a very light and summery mango salsa, inspired by a comment from my friend here, Kelley.

This is what she said: Dice a mango, some red onion, sweet bell pepper if you'd like, also cilantro and a Serrano if you like a little kick, add some sort of citrus juice and that's it.

I wasn't entirely sure of my ability to choose a nice mango. I bought a slightly soft one a few days ahead and also picked up two locally grown peaches, ''just in case.''

And some tomatillos, just because they're so cute.

I minced two garlic cloves in my mini chopper. Minced 1/3 of a red onion.

Diced the mango, peaches, orange bell pepper and tomatillos.

(I roughly peeled the mangos and peaches first. )

I washed and dried a small bunch of cilantro.

It filled the 1 Cup container of the chopper before I minced it.

Toss gently with a dash of olive oil, some sugar or Splenda, black pepper. A spritz of lemon [or any citrus juice. Lime would be lovely.] I added the spices below, just becauce I have them. Use whatever you have in your pantry?

I made the salsa the morning I planned to use it. It was still fresh and excellent the next day, so you can definitely make it ahead. I had some cute little canning jars to store it in, and to give away to its new and avid fans.

Kelley served the salsa on grilled chicken breasts and said it's also nice on fish. I served it with sliced grilled pork tenderloin.

( To make: Up to 24 hours ahead, or one hour at least..... rinse, pat dry. Cut tiny slits and insert halved garlic cloves all over, about 1 1/2" apart. Sprinkle with meat tenderizer and a dry rub or garlic/ salt / pepper etc. Grill on hot grill, rest/ slice.)

The dinner menu included steamed yellow squash and buttery/ garlic rice pilaf. Cold sauvignon blanc wine, though a light rose would be good too.

Chocolate gelato for dessert.
I hope you'll try it! Yummy and different.

PS I am not always receiving your comments in a timely manner. I just found one from Kit! From ages ago. I am so sorry, if I don't respond either here or via email, my apologies. I love hearing from everyone [anyone! lol].



gone to the beach....



Mango Salsa
dice:  1 ripe mango, 2 ripe peaches, 2 green tomatillos, 1 sweet pepper.
Mince:  2 cloves of garlic, 1/3 red onion, 1 loosely packed Cup of fresh cilantro or to     taste.
Toss with olive oil, lemon or lime juice, black pepper, 2t sugar or Splenda.
Add seasonings if desired or a hot pepper, minced fine.
Refrigerate til use.



  1. I haven't had tomatillos, are they tomato- y, cucumber-y? Mangoes are very plentiful here in the Summer. Looks good.

  2. Hi! Tomatillos have their own unique taste, sort of like unripe green tomatoes but without the unripe bitterness. They are much less juicy , with firm dry insides. You can omit them if they re hard to find.

  3. Lovely! These might be some of the prettiest food pics you've ever posted-so colorful. I like the additions you made, the peaches and tomatillos especially. The whole meal looked great. Glad you all enjoyed it.

    Hello Mo! Little cutie.


  4. Mmmm, mango salsa is so yummy but I've never made it myself. Definitely good on fish tacos. Next time we get mangos, I'll have to make some. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  5. Mango salsa is one of those things that sound strange to me - I'd have to try it before I'd commit to making it. It sure is pretty, though. Your dinner looks yummy! LOL, Mo looks like he was trying to talk you into sharing...!

    1. Try it! With one of your taco dinners? You re always bugging me to eat more fruit!

  6. My favorite salsa. And, as I expected, your salsa recipe is much better than mine.

    Salsa is the only way I like mangos.

    And baby Mo's face is so delightful. It brought a smile to my face after a very long day.

    Thanks for the wonderful post. I can always count on your blog to make me feel happy. And hungry.


  7. The mango salsa looks delish....the whole meal looked wonderful! I've never had a tomatillo before but now I'm interested in trying them....I've seen them in the store. The expression on Mo's face is so cute!!

    1. Hi! Maybe you ve had tomatillos in Mexican food? I hope you try them and like them!


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