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Monday, February 17, 2014

Winter Blues a Doll Quilt

Hi! It's time for Lori's Linky party so we can all show off our "Winter Blues" doll quilts. This was a winter quiltalong, so generously designed and shared by Lori at Humble Quilts. Be sure to visit her blog and see all the fun versions.
Here is my completed top. It is about 22" square.

I changed the  setting a bit. I wanted a simpler, more primitive design of nine complete blocks. (And Lori's half blocks make me crazy,lol.)

I LOVE this little quilt!

I chose the faded robin's egg blue-green for the borders, mostly because it's a fave color and it was my daughter's favorite too.
You may recall that I spend almost as much time dithering over backings as I do piecing a quilt.
Many are auditioned. This gorgeous white lilacs print was chosen then rejected.

Often I use old feed sacks on the backs of my quilts, especially on doll quilts, but I am currently running low on choices, having missed all last summer's fleas. I especially love the grain and feed sacks with graphic advertisements, instead of the 30s florals.
I looked online and a listing for a feedsack *dish towel* gave me an inspiration: I'd use a favorite dishtowel on the back.

I knew I had two blue choices.

I hose the wonderful pitcher and bowl. Just imagine, some who might have used one of my yelloware bowls might also have embroidered this, 100 years ago! Placing a piece like this on a quilt preserves it for the future, though it of course destroys the textile's integrity as a collectible..

Then I had to audition back borders.

boring [and a very odd photo, sorry]

                                                          too kitcheny

I decided on  the robin's egg blue sprig, which I love. (It is new but has no info on the selvage, and now I can't find more! Any ideas?)

Usually I layer up my doll quilt from Lori's winter quiltalong --this is the fourth one?--and then set it aside to be handquilted next summer on the beach. But I am playing with the idea of trying out this odd roll of sew-thru paper quilting pattern, from the thrift shop. 

It would be machine quilting, looks like it may fit perfectly.

Because this summer I know I will be catching up on my  Noah and Matilda block of the month.
                                        block # one, January.
                                         mostly Antique fabrics.

 As well as working on Mr Sunshine. I can't decide....shouldn't a doll quilt be handquilted? I kinda think yes.

A little label, below. I have to add the quiltalong info and quilt's name.

Other notes: Here is what Sue chose for her giveaway prize! I am so thrilled to share it with her.

And if you wanted white hearts from the previous post [below], I expect to have a new group ready at the end of next week maybe.



gone to the beach


 Don't forget to visit Lori's blog and see all the other versions of "Winter Blues" :
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  1. I love the blue shade you chose for your version of Lori's quilt - so pretty! HUGE favor - will you share a picture of your yellowware cupboard all by itself? I collect it also and would love to see all your pieces......

  2. That is a beautiful blue you have used, I agree! So fresh looking!
    Lori machine quilted her little quilt this time, so I won't feel too bad doing mine that way this time. : )

  3. I love it Lizzie. The color suits the beach home very nicely and I really like what you did with the backing.

  4. I liked the darker blue, but I have to admit the lighter blue looks very nice now that it's all put together! I'd love to see it hand quilted but I know how much work that is! Do you have a small frame? How would you work it if you did it by hand?

    For the backing (and this may be a dumb idea) but have you considered making a single 22" square block like the ones on the front? You could use the pitcher dish towel as the center block, and use the pretty print where the white is on the other blocks, and put white for the small triangles (almost like a negative of a print?). I think it might be interesting (and make it sort of reversible) but thought I'd throw the idea out there. Maybe you could sketch it and see what you think?

    Is that 'your' kitty? Pretty cat! I love black cats! Well, okay, I love just about all cats, LOL. I'm glad to see her back!

    Thanks for sharing! I was surprised to see another blog entry so quickly!

  5. Love Winter Blues with your yellow and sponge ware bowls. Perfect colors. Nice bowl of wine corks too!! Fabulous vintage fabrics in your NM block. Well done.

  6. Your Midinter Blues is so refreshing!! Great version!

  7. I love the robins egg blue that you used. Beautiful!

  8. I know next to nothing about quilting, so I'll comment on what I do know...KITTY!!! Love cats. I'm sure I read that it is fixed and cared for, though I can't find that info now. Maybe one day it'll be your friend--these things take time...lots and lots of time.--Kelley


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