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Sunday, February 16, 2014

White Hearts and A Winner

Hi! Happy Sunday.

The winner of my giveaway is Sue! Yay!

This past week I made lots of white hearts for my etsy shop.

This is the rescued antique linen embroidery I used for this group:

Some of the heart sachets are lavender filled and some are plain.

                                                           sold ~ thank you!

I like to offer some hearts without lavender for people who want to add their own perfume, or those who do not care for any scent at all.

                                                               sold ~ thank you!

These larger hearts are sometimes chosen by brides for ring pillows! So pretty. They also make such a special gift.

                                                              sold ~ thank you!
                                                     sold ~ thank you!
                                                                sold ~ thank you!

This is very much a one of a kind heart. Ballerina-shoes-pink satin, now faded to almost an ecru or cream.

The vintage child's collar, treasured though tattered, came from my blog friend Ann. I carefully laundered the piece and made this heart with every usable bit. I love the tiny glass buttons and handmade French ribbon rosebuds. Definitely a heart for your lingerie drawer or scarf box! Unscented, waiting for your own perfume...

A stray blue heart...
A heart key on a wishes and dreams bottle...
I'd love to have you visit my shop and see all....

Have a wonderful long weekend!
gone to the beach





  1. Yay, indeed! I am Thrilled! This is my first win of a blog giveaway. Thank you so much!

  2. Yay for Sue!! Hmm, what will she choose? Maybe one of you newly made white hearts, they're very pretty. You've been busy.

    That's a lot of snow, but it looks like the sun was shining so maybe Spring will spring!


  3. I'd have a difficult time cutting up such pretty old linens when they weren't damaged, but your white hearts came out so pretty! And I like that you offer then with or without lavender (since I'm one of those who don't like it, LOL!).

    Aren't you worried about drowning when all that snow melts?? IS it melting yet?

    I tried to look at this on my phone and I could see it, but I wanted to see the pictures better so came to the computer. Can't stay here long, though, this chair isn't very comfy today.

    Thanks for sharing!


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