I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, October 25, 2013

More Colorful Fall [part 2 of home tour]


Hi again....I won't ramble on today. This is the rest of my little cottage---dressed in its Autumn finery!
The blue bench in the entry hall no longer holds a huge basket of beach towels.

A favorite crock. Not antique but I  love the chickies.

and a blue bread bowl from Maine filled with sweet scented cinnamon sticks and star anise"

I also love these light-up pumpkins, in distressed mercury glass. And my NYC crock filled with Chinese Lanterns.

Baby Boo
with my mother's (from my aunt?) crystal candy jar, filled with absolutely necessary Reese's Cups and candy corn.
Shells and a doll quilt with a Massachusetts late 1800s cheddar quilt folded behind.


Drieds in a prim old bowl, on the table...

My unfashionable but beloved yelloware bowls....

And the autumn hued transferware. Most is 19th century or early 20th. Though not as valuable as some of my very old blue transferware pieces, I prize its oldfashioned charm.




Sepia pansies! With long ago-dried orange and clove pomanders...

Next week I will add the gaudy Halloween stuff! Just for a few days?
(Then out come the turkey platters! OMG! Another favorite collection I keep hidden in a drawer in my bedroom. Shhhh.)
            gone to the beach....


  1. Your rooms always look so uncluttered and neat, I can't figure out where you stash all your seasonal decorations! Magic hatbox? LOL, and is that a cork collection in one of the yellow-ware bowls? Your home looks very festive! But you need a book (or kindle) and a lap-sized afghan in there somewhere for you to relax with!

  2. LOL I have very few clothes and pretty big closets? One of the pix towards the end of the last post shows the afghans and quit-in-work, and knitting and sewing, big basket of magazines? I don't usually read my Kindle in the living room. [and you may recall the story of why I have no books, or very few.].



  3. That blue with the orange is gorgeous! Oh I love Chinese Lanterns. I really should grow them again. Happy Halloween! Kit


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