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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Colorful Fall - part one

Hi! I know many of you decorate your home for fall...and some of you do nothing much at all. My mother, always chic in a classic way, could fill a crock with hydrangeas, toss an old quilt top on the table, light a bunch of votives, and her house looked wonderfully autumn and inviting.

I am ambivalent. One of my favorite blogs, A Beach Cottage, is showing adorable baby blue [painted ] pumpkins this week! here
Of course she lives in hot summery Australia, so...? But then my quilt-loving, antiques-collecting soul wants traditional: orange! Rustic...a little prim? Colorful!

Last year we decided we got too tired of the  orange pillows by December,

and so I did an Autumn of stormy grey, indigo, browns, blues. Prophetic, as we sure induced a Storm, and had little time to enjoy that color scheme. This year I treated myself to store bought pillows, ordered from One Kings Lane. Sophisticated ikats, not home-spun. Ha! They went to Pennsylvania instead of The Beach.
I was so sad.

www.onekingslane.com [obviously cannot recommend]


Out came the orange stuff:


I will probably move this quilt [old blocks, finished by me] to the dining room table next week, just for Halloween. I am afraid the old blocks may fade if allowed to be in the sunshine for too long...

Not a pumpkin was left in the stores this week! How is that possible? I used what I have....




In photos the rooms sometimes look a bit bare, but my family is not fond of clutter. (They'd love Sarah's baby blue and white Halloween.) And they don't really like the quilts but tolerate them since they must,lol.



I love old transferware china [English Staffordshire]and as the seasons change I display different colorways. I love mixing a few old mulberries and purples with the traditional browns and polychromes....[below]

Even the knitting gets an autumn bowl!

Tomorrow I'll show you the dining room and entry hall,  along with more of my brown china....enjoy!
gone to the beach....

as always, pls click to enlarge photos and to see slide show....


  1. How welcoming and comfortable it all looks Lizzy. Thank you.

  2. All the white in your room would never survive in my house, LOL. But it looks very *you* and I like how you can change the mood of the rooms with your decorating. The fall colors definitely warm up the room for the coming chilly weather! Sorry to hear your new pillows didn't arrive as I'm sure you were looking forward to them!

  3. Gorgeous! I just want to know how you keep the couch white - even when I am the only one here, sold colors attract spots and dark marks ... sigh.


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