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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sunflower Days

Hi, everyone! We are having lovely ''hint of fall'' crisp days this week, here at the beach. I often think that September is the best month of summer...and yes it is still summer, as my exuberant crop of sunflowers can attest.

On my rather small deck I have three large pots or planters of flowers. Two are mostly annuals, this year: cascading petunias. [pretty but the dead heads of the blooms make a mess when tracked indoors...]. And one pot is  a lily garden, begun because my son loves daylilies.

Huge success, in early July. The problem is once they bloom, they are done.

Originally we thought we'd just push the pot aside in August, but this year I planted a packet of mixed ''wildflower'' seeds. Because for a buck or two..well, who knew? [top row, right]

And what a wonderful show those seeds are giving us in September! Dwarf sunflowers, maybe 3 feet tall at the most.

A subtle assortment of size and variety. These are pretty big, 6-8"? across.

Probably more suited to a planter than the fun giants we always also try to grow. Some are tiny, like daisies..

[None of the giants grew this year. I think  the squirrel ate the seeds.]
I also have a few pink cosmos from the seed packet, but nothing else grew.

A sunflower and daisies bouquet this week....

...and some dried sunflower heads, for autumn decor next month.

Next month because unlike most bloggers, who seem to be madly into FALL, I can't imagine autumn til, oh---Halloween? The leaves don't turn here til November. Due to coastal waters' warmth, all season changes come late, which suits me fine, as I am famously late.

On the other hand....I dug out the crock pot! And made a Beef bourguignon here, sort of.  * with my freezer full of unused summer BBQ steaks. Boy, that was sad, all those big bucks, 3" thick NY strips steaks...but better to use than to toss.
(*I had no cognac, who has cognac, anyway...not my pantry!)
And tonight the Harvest Moon is rising, visible tomorrow, Thursday too---go look!



gone to the beach to see Mr. Moon.


click photos to enlarge....


  1. Lovely photos as usual. i love the Stargazer lilies.

    I used to glow cutting flowers when I lived in Nebraska, but haven't been successful here in Florida. must be too hot for them???

  2. Your flowers look lots better than mine! When I was sick and it got hot out, no one remembered to water them....

    I read your blog first thing this morning but was dragging and ended up taking a nap instead of leaving a comment. So I'm slow!

    Instead of doing the rest of my chores today, after I cleaned the kitchen I cut up a t-shirt and went crazy with my box of plastic rhinestones and the glue (again). And night before last I made a fascinator/hat out of silk rose petals... I swear there must be something in the air lately....LOL!

    Take good care of yourself, we missed you while you were sick!

  3. Nice having you back at it. Breath of fresh air! Glad you're feeling better.


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