I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Back to the Beach!


Look! Look! Beach pictures!

I made it to the beach today...and what a gorgeous, perfect late summer day it was.

Just beautiful. White sand, fresh air, clear blue water....

I was so happy to see my beach. It has been two months and two days since I was down to the shoreline. Too long.

The summer beach has become huge, so wide and flat and empty. It was a loooong walk for me.

So quiet, all the intruders, I mean visitors, are gone. So silly. They are missing the best days of summer, indoors, glued to football, I guess.

Just me and a few gulls. See the sooty not-so-pretty babies? It will take them two years to become snowy white.

A flock of piping plovers scurried in the dunes. But no oystercatchers on the tideline. I was sad to have missed them...but then later, so wonderful! A huge flock---hundreds--- appeared in the sky! Many more than our native half dozen pairs and new offspring. They are grouping up for their flight south.
Can't you just hear them, last April: ''Let's meet in mid-September, at the secret swale high in the dunes, by Lizzy's beach."
I wonder if they wonder why there is no water in the pond? [a dry summer]....


gone to the beach!

lifeguard stand, in winter storage, and below,
a self portrait...


  1. Whoo hoooo! Back to the beach.


  2. YAY! So glad to see you up and out! Lovely pictures - I can see seashells on the sand, wish I could walk along with you...

    It's in the 60s here today, and cloudy! I like cooler weather but I was chilly this morning... I may have to find some shoes and socks to wear... It's not supposed to stay THIS cool though - tomorrow will be back in the 80s I think. I feel like I should knock on wood or something, because we really haven't had an unbearably hot dry summer this year.... we could use a little rain, though. Is it Murphy's Law that makes me afraid we'll pay for the nice summer with an awful winter? I don't mind snow, I just hope we don't get ice....Ugh, let's not think about that yet.

    Enjoy your beach when you can, just take it easy on yourself! We miss you when you're sick!


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