I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just Looking...

Hey guys! Did you all get to the flea or yards sales this weekend? It is May! before we know it it'll be Too Hot for flea market hunting.

So off I went on Sunday. The market was fun! Bustling with cheery folks..and their dogs.

Can't you just see it: ''Hey, baby, wanna go to the flea market?'' Killer the famous fatly adorable pug slowly raises an eyelid. "Snort.'' [= ''NFW, man.'']. "Oh c'mon, it'll be fun! Reeeally. There's like, you know, hotdogs?" Killy leaps up and waddles to the door. And off we'd go to the flea.

Meanwhile, though I saw I good stuff, my current attempts to spring clean and declutter put me in a non-buying mood. [internet photos --- just to give you an idea of the stuff...]

What I didn't buy: the four small c. 1820 Staffordshire plates the guy has for me.

a Kate Greenaway doll dish. Two bucks tagged, what was I thinking?I love KG even more than Beatrix Potter, I think.

a Wedgwood Etruscanware small milk pitcher, pint...cream with PINK raised motifs. Adorable. [the familiar matte ground kind is reversed, color with white Grecian ladies: 'Jasperware']...

A rare purple transferware milk jug, pint, ''The Duchess"..old and the purple was SO cool.
Just for color....

Mason jars with original white milk glass lid inserts.

An unusual Mason jar, tinted green, with rusty wire bail, crosshatched textured pattern. English?

a printer's case full of the old type letters, many sizes.

a neat wooden carrying box, toolbox with center handle and row of pegs along one edge , Perfect for spools of thread and if lined, for sewing projects.

We also didn't get a hotdog..and Killy is just a sweet and charming ghost now. I still miss him, April 30 is 4 years since he passed on to that rainbow bridge.

''Grieve not
nor speak of me with tears
but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you
I loved you so . . .
'twas heaven here with you.''
                                      ~ Isla Paschal Richardson

Used to be, once was, what might have been...



......gone to the beach.

Photos from EBay, Google Images, and ICanHasCheezeburger.com www.icanhascheezeburger.com




  1. What willpower.

    I enjoy looking at great things more than I actually enjoy having them. (I remember my mom "destuffing," too.)

    So I love seeing what you see.

    Hope you have a great day.


  2. You have so much better stuff at your flea markets there than we have here ... here it is mostly junk. To get the good stuff, one must haunt estate sales.

    Loved the pug pictures. I like to think I know how much Killer meant to you, but I think it is what I think and multiply by a couple of hundred. Killer was special and gave me long distance insight into a breed I never knew I would love (and yes, at the dog park, I go to the pugs first)!


  3. Trying again...

    I need to de-stuff my house. It'll take me a year, probably...or three. I have a LOT of stuff! I still like to look, though.

    Love the 'pugerpillar' and the idea of rainbow poop makes me laugh!

    Most of all I'm glad you felt up to being out and about! Yay!

    I did as little as possible outside yesterday, although I had Red Hats so had to go out - we had SNOW! In MAY! That's just wrong...

    Have a good weekend!


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