I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, May 3, 2013

A Walk on the Beach : May

Hi! Chilly but gorgeous day.....

I am working on my walking distance, funny how quickly one gets out of shape, out of the habit! My usual walk year round is 3 to 4 miles, almost daily...now, after the winter's  stupid illness, I am doing between 1.5 miles and 1.75. Just to compare that's similar to walking the flea market or going through the giant big box store.
I took a different route today....




The water is crystal clear...and the foam makes patterns like fine lace on the sand....






Have a great weekend!



gone to the beach.......


  1. So beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Looks so pretty on the beach - but looks kinda coolish, too! Maybe I'm projecting - it's only just past 40 today so far.

    Work back up to your old mileage slowly! I know you're probably frustrated, but don't over-do things and set yourself back! I am very glad to hear you feel good enough to go walking again - I know you missed it, and we missed you!

    I have to ask...why is the 'dune boardwalk' blue??

  3. I have my fitbit on today, and I need to grab my camera and take a walk on my beach. It won't look anything like yours -- yours is a morning beach, mine is more of an evening beach. Got a few hours to wait, maybe around 6:30 I'll take a walk & shot some photos, too. :)
    Keep up the exercise, Lizzy, it is good for you. i thnk I got in almost 6 miles yesterday.


  4. Blogger isn t letting me reply!
    Mel, the so-called boardwalk is something new that one of the parks is using. I guess they gave up bec their wooden dune walk kept washing away! The blue woven plastic thing is pretty ghastly!

  5. Wanda...it may be a ''morning beach'' but if so I ve never seen it,lol. Unless I am still awake and birdwatching at dawn. The beach faces south so it gets good light and sunrises/ sunsets year round. I didn t know what a fitbit was! Mine is similar, but doesn t track my sleeping, prob just as well.


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