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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Farmers Market

My Wednesday farmers market has reopened! Yay! And so despite the blustery showery day, I  loaded up on cash and tote bags and off I went.
Lots of spring goodies!

The market was full of baby lettuces, spring potting flowers and herbs, plus some new bakers.

 A new guy had very unusual breads, definitely artisan, each loaf different.

Hard to resist the yard long, 1" wide whole grain baguette! Or the rosemary loaf....

But instead I chose this breakfast loaf, it's rather like a very large yummy ten seed croissant.

Asparagus and green spring onions picked just this morning.

Baby greens...

French arugula, which is heartier and much spicier than the commonly available Italian arugula.
And baby  kale....

I was also pleased to find these  heirloom ''Watermelon" radishes.

Aren't they adorable!

They've been featured recently in various cooking magazines and I am so happy to get to try them.

However. My fave way to enjoy radishes is simply as a snack with a bit of sea salt.

These babies were so tough I couldn't cut them easily, had to whack them with my huge chef's knife,lol.

Maybe shaved and served in a mustard-y vinaigrette?

The baby kale and the spring scallions will go into tonight's stir fry. A new recipe, very fast and delicious!
From a Success Rice box...you can sub tofu if you do not want meat. [and I serve it with brown rice....]

I sub sugar-free orange marmalade for the ''sweet'' part, add whatever veggies are  available, in this case the farmers market finds plus shaved brussel sprouts.

Be sure NOT to overcook! The veggies should be crispy....


PS I just have to show you my Mothers Day flowers!

Aren't these orchids amazing! They are sold in the city as cut flowers!

I put them in my beachcombed bell jar thing, the pink tulle was part of the bouquet...



gone to the beach.....



  1. I was only lucky enough to find a watermelon radish one time. They weren't as hard as you describe, but they were definitely tougher than the "regular" radishes.

    I slivered them and put them in a stir fry and they were delicious. Mine were spicy, but perhaps they were picked late?

    As always, your post was lovely. I so look forward to seeing what you're doing.


  2. Amazing fresh produce that's available. For us, as per always squash, bell peppers, and other assorted peppers. It does stretch the imagination ... just a tad.

    So glad the market is back up!


  3. Sounds like you had a fun market day! I grew some red radishes once that were marked inside like those, but they weren't 'watermelon' ones. I like radishes but they don't like me! I sort of like them cooked, too, but don't get around to it usually.

    I LOVE the orchids! I was really hoping you'd put a pic of them up! Nice Mother's Day gift! I hope they last a long time!

    LOL, Kelly was looking over my shoulder at the pictures, and she said the green onion picture made her want egg drop soup. ??? Oh, well - I told her she's free to make it! I can do that now - she's plenty old enough to cook for herself!


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