I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wisps of a Hurricane

Hi, everyone....

Is your house oh so quiet and neat? Kids back to school, grownups back to work?

I have regained sole possession of my beach!

Just me and the birds...

Hard to imagine that a hurricane like Isaac could hit the Gulf Coast, travel up the Mississippi River Valley, rain like crazy on Illinois and Ohio...then head back east. Not the path we think of with  storm like that. Think of its energy, and magnitude!

All that survives of Isaac a week later is "disorganized wisps" ---intermittent rain, and showers, and thunderstorms. Yes! All three versions, according to the weatherman...

The lightning stopped this afternoon, so I braved the hot white mist and 100% humidity and tramped down to the very empty, peaceful beach...

The black skimmers are back in charge! The grey-brown ones are the new big babies...

And the parents didn't like me at all. They don't actually attack, like terns, but they're big and, well, scary. They do divebomb and swoop around one's head, screeching like banshees. Geez. I'm NOT gonna touch their babies!

My oystercatchers are much more friendly...

They appear somewhat similar to the skimmers, as they are black and white with orange beaks, but they are tall stately waders who travel in pairs, not flocks....and they're either shy or tolerant, no crazy flying!

as are the gulls, plovers, and, other peeps....

Just a few abandoned toys on the tideline...

How many sandcastles did this mold create? And for whom. Why is it just discarded...so sad.

The rain has caused the dunes to blossom, like the desert in the spring.

Beach roses....

Wildflowers...I call this soapwort, not sure of that is right.

I am back in walking mode instead of lugging stuff down and sitting. I walked and walked. I was tired! The salt and water laden air is literally hard to breathe.

I love my long summers but right now I'd be thrilled with a frost warning and some red maples in the marsh...sigh. I'm tired of sweating, aren't you?

Any signs of fall in your neighborhood? Are you looking forward to cozy nights and pumpkins?



gone to the beach...


  1. SIGH. The sky looked so beautiful. And I keep thinking that maybe someday you will find a mermaid while walking alone on the beach...

    1. I ve seen seen seals, and a whale, and a "ship''wreck or two...but no mermaids...

  2. So beautiful! And that rugosa rose! I can almost smell it. The nites are getting very chilly and my burning bushes are starting to get red leaves. Football has started and I am one happy camper. :) Kit

    1. It soounds so lovely and cozy! Do you root for college or pro teams?


  3. I guess I always think of it as 'your' beach ... free of intruders ... probably because you don't populate the pictures with too many people.

    glad you are getting your privacy back!

  4. LOL, I don't ''own'' all five miles of white sand beach! In the summer at times there are some other local people here...but no crowds.Soemtimes people have parties, or guests... The pictures are how it looks, if there are people around they are in my photos. what you see is what I get!


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