I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thrift Shop Finds

Hi! Too hot still for the flea market, but I've been enjoying the thrift shop. It's near the big Stop-and-Shop, so I reward myself for doing the weekly big shopping, with a stop at the thrift shop.

Some days I find nothing, sigh..and some days I just cannot gather up the enthusiasm to stand in line to pay...but I do find treasures.

A tiny terrarium!

A pretty blue and white serving dish...

It will be used for forcing bulbs next winter! How cute with red dwarf tulips!

And then there's always a LOT of cooking molds,lol.

What was this for? Cake? A very large jello salad? (Mmm, my mom made a retro but good one, cabbage in lemon jello with some sort of layers of cottage cheese and horseradish?)

This too will be for bulbs, paper whites.

I saw a mold used for daffodils in a prim display somewhere...
Then a wonderful [handmade in USA I think] Shaker-style basket.

It's big and deep to hide The Porch Quilt's makings...

And it has faded blue stripes. I love it!

Some tiny dresses...one for a snow girl angel doll, one for a harvest rag doll.

Such sweet hand embroidered details...

Of course I buy textiles...this white thing. Lovely white heavy cotton and Battenburg lace.

No ironed but you get the idea....

It has a strange casing and buttonholes on one side..Is it a shower curtain? A regular curtain and valence?

I bought it because sometimes I get orders for multiple lavender hearts, maybe bridal shower favors or birdesmaids' gifts. Lots of hand made lace here to work with.

And more blue....the blue roses, and a blue linen homespun.

The rosebuds far right is a two yard length of fine cotton batiste...found on the beach, in the tide! I brought it home a few winters ago, washed it carefully [a few times!]. It'll be nice with the French blue roses for the planned summer throw, won't it?

An unusual find!

I went back that Monday after I saw the turquoise rag rugs and they were still there! I've left them in my car so no pix.

Two were on the shelf, one in a woman's cart. I grabbed the two unclaimed ones. The lady wanted them! I wanted hers....neither of us budged. But I really only needed two, so I was happy. They were not so cheap, $14.99 each...but  they are like these:

The Company Store

($129.oo!) so the price is right. (Oooo! I'd love to have the bittersweet...and that grey....The indigo! oh and the rose, for Xmas! I love rag rugs....)

Any fun finds? Did your football teams win? LOL.



gone to the beach

Saturday Sept 9...the storm



  1. I love them all and so glad you got the rag rugs. I have visions of you and the other lady duking it out for them. LOL My Griz lost their game and I am hoping my Broncos win tonight. Kit

  2. You found fabric in the surf? I had to read that several times.

    You find the best things.

    My mom made lime, cottage cheese, horseradish and other things in it that I can't remember. I've got to admit that it wasn't my favorite, but many people liked it.

    A person I worked with brought a bag of sea glass from the northern part of the island. It is more glass shards than polished glass, but it was so sweet of him.

    I still have to go back and read again that you found fabric in the surf. I'll probably think of that whenever I see blue and white material. LOL.


    1. Yes! That pretty cotton was washing around in the sand and surf! In the frigid winter water, half buried. I dug it out, shook off some of the sand and carted it home. It got rinsed, rinsed and well washed. It s very fine and pretty....I also once found a large piece of red batiked rayon...it has tropical fish on it, maybe angel fish? White on red. Maybe a pareo? I am saving it for a quilt backing someday. Also..cool burlap sacks, small crocheted string bags, for ? coconuts?..oh and a signal flag: means ''hurricane'', I guess it blew loose,lol.

  3. You really do find the most interesting things - I would never have thought of FABRIC washing up on the beach! It would be very fun if you could figure out where things came from...but you'd have to be a touch-psychic or something, probably.

    Cabbage in jello with horseradish? Never heard of it, not sure I'd be brave enough to try it! I thought orange jello with shredded carrots and pineapple was weird when we had it at school. My own weird contribution is lime jello with drained chunk pineapple, washed cottage cheese (just use the cheese curds) and chopped pecans. Great when it's just too hot to eat real food... LOL, it'd be so much fun if we could get together and have a taste test!

    Take care,

  4. I have heard of the jello salad ... sadly when my grandmother used to make it, it never quite congealed ...

    Love the molds! I wish I could get mine to 'unmold' without coming to pieces!

    Always, you find the greatest stuff!


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