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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thrifting with a Dash of Thunder


Hi! Despite the hot humid weather I made it to the farmers market! Even got a parking space. The farmers were frantically packing up [man, they are fast!] because a storm cloud loomed on the horizon. I could have told them the storm, if it came at all, would take hours...no wind, not even a hint of breeze to move that dark spot 30 miles away. And most of the recent storms have passed us by; the very warm water/humid air dissipates the energy of the storm somehow.
I grabbed a few early veggies from the last most intrepid guys..and now, 2 1/2 hours later, a bit of sprinkles and some lightning has arrived. I'll tell you more about what's for dinner in another post.

It goes without saying, I think, that it is much too hot and busy for the flea market these days.[speaking of markets!] So I've really been enjoying the thrift shop I discovered last winter.

My best friend "B" was here the other day and since she is not a beach person, we decided to go thrifting. The air conditioned shops are much cooler than a flea market, or of course, the hot sandy beach.

Here's some recent ''finds'':
sweetest little English milk jug, c.1910?

Set of tiny repro crocks, for candles next fall and winter....

The $1.00 set came with this pretty third Mexican pot, below, so sweet! I didn't have the heart to discard it. Maybe it can get an herb plant and be a hostess gift? Such pretty slip decoration/ color...

Nicely sized, wide mouth jar for pickles! These are very expensive these days, if you buy them new....

I'll give it a boil and trip through the dishwasher to be sure it is clean. I just ordered funky new pickling concotions! here Can't wait til they come and the Kirby pickles are harvested....

And I bought shirts...sigh. I know I said they are not cost-effective fabric sources!
But how could I resist! Look at these plaids, the blues, turquoise!

Won't they be perfect with the French florals? Or for the Mr. Sunshine quilt which calls for lots of bright plaids....

These are for the primitive Porch quilt! I need the red and green for one of the borders. What better than a recycled Ralph Lauren Polo shirt? You know the fabric is nice quality. I do need more though, two yards! And the neutral will be the background for the kitty block. It's a gorgeous linen, more complex than it seems in the pix. I almost want it for myself...

Then THIS. You should have seen "B"'s face, ''eeeew''...she was too polite to voice her objections, lol. Yes, it's a rather ghastly long vest made in India, made up of hundreds of small silk yo-yos. Um...

You have to use your imaginations now! Just picture the rosettes on a small velvet heart, for Christmas/ winter?

But mostly I knew they'd make wonderful single accents, especially on my white lacy lavender hearts. See how pretty? Though I didn't have a white heart, you get the idea, right? I love it! Maybe I'll even post a section on etsy, in "supplies'' or vintage because I don't think I can use all of them! (Waste not, want not...? Recycle/upcycle?)

Pretty good, huh?

And my friend even got a beautiful dress for work...gorgeous blue summer shift!

W ended our day with a delicious dinner at our favorite Thai restaurant, then home for sunset on my deck and peach sun tea, iced of course, and homemade lemon bars. Yum!

The little squall has passed...perhaps it brought cooler air? And I am off to the beach for my swim and my walk.....see ya soon!



...gone to the beach


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day with your friend! And what great finds you acquired!


  2. I love all your great finds. Sounds like you had a lovely day of thrifting with your friend -- love Thai food. And lemon bars. Yum! It is very hot and humid here right now. I was wearing glasses when I went out yesterday to do something, and realized right away I would be able to see if I put my contacts in. That yo-yo vest is something! Looks like you are going to put it to good use. Have a fabulous day! :) Tammy

  3. I must have pansies on the brain...when I look at the design on the little Mexican pot I see a pansy, then the color variations on the yo-yos make me think of pansies! I'd use heart-shaped 'leaves' with them, too! Yo-yos are coming back into style from what I've been seeing in the craft magazines, but maybe you'd have to be a flower child to wear that vest! Your idea to use them as accents is probably best! And I'm glad you had fun with B.

    We had thunder and lightning here last night/early morning, with just a bare dribble of drizzle. Just enough to wet the pavement, as the ground is still gasping for water. Still hot, too! I tried to wash my car a couple days ago (sure-fire way to make it rain as I seldom do!) but the carwash machine wouldn't take my wrinkled cash! I may have to try again...

    Thanks for the lovely pictures, it's always fun to see your finds!



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