I wiped away the weeds & foam. / I fetched my sea-born treasures home... Ralph Waldo Emerson

Sunday, July 15, 2012

"Summer Afternoon....ah, summer afternoon....''

Hi! Today we finally had a break from the oppressive heat and humidity.

I was able to emerge from my airconditioned cocoon and I took my sewing and beach chair down to the shore for a lovely bit of relaxing sewing time.

It's been a few days! All my walks, these hot days have been at dusk....

I had to check up on my seagull friends.

Here's a handsome little lady! [I always forget what these smallest pretty gulls are called, I'll look it up and tell you.... They are very sweet, friendly but not agressive.]

And a typical two parents with their [sorry] ugly, cranky teenager!

hering gull family

I walked for awhile before settling down to work...

My friend Mel had mentioned fearing cut feet if she walked in the surf barefoot...

So I had to take pix of the very clear warm water, almost 80*!---and very smooth sand...

...and a little video of  seaglass hunting in the rare-in-summer outwash spots.....

The beach has some unraked seaweed which is not so nice, but shells and treasures are few.

It was hard to round up a handful of white clam shells to anchor my sewing and take pictures.

a chalk white pretty quahog

Here is the Heart and Hand block for the Porch quilt. I am enjoying the project so much I 've snuck a few extra blocks in work while I have time and focus and good sewing light.
LOL, note the very crooked pointer finger? Sometimes it's a bit hard to get shapes just right when the wind [but so lovely sea breeze!] is 15-20 mph. That's a little redo there, I think.

And here is that French fabric, plus flour sack quilt scraps, made into hearts for lavender sachets.

I'll fill them tomorrow and enjoy the day since the  heatwave is expected back on Monday, sigh.
We ended the wonderful day with grilled Mexican salads and Mason jar margaritas on the deck...candles, sunset, scent of the potted stargazer lilies...and fireworks over the ocean, from the next town to the west....

That's how summer is supposed to be! Just...perfect!

Hope you're all staying cool!



................gone to the beach

self-portrait in summer


  1. Ok, I'm impressed - your sand is so clean it looks like the washed stuff you buy for sandboxes. I'd go barefoot! Did you find anything in the outwash place? What were the little dark dots? Seaweed things?

    Please don't 'fix' the crooked finger! I think it gives the block more personality! ANYONE can make a flat hand - this looks more like one at rest!

    I thought you decided not to cut up the French fabric? Changed your mind? Or just left one piece uncut?

    It sounds like a really great day! It's still hot here. Last night at 9pm the thermometer still read 91 degrees. And although we've had a little rain around us, I don't think any has gotten US wet.

    Thanks for the glimpse of summer at the shore!


    1. Hi! I m not sure what the small black dots are! Maybe small mussell shells, I ll look and tell you...
      Ooops, I fixed the crooked finger! But dont worry, it's still pretty odd looking..{looks like my permanently broken toe,lol.]
      I cut only 2 pieces of the pink, very pink French fabrics, saved the blues for the maybe nap quilt.
      Yep the rain has missed us too, at night I can see the lighting far, far to the south. But no rain...

      have a good weekend!



    2. PS Only one bit of pretty aqua seaglass, the sand is too smooth and empty to find much glass in the summer. Or...too much competition, other walkers/ searchers?

  2. Where are you located? I am in NW Florida on the Gulf.

  3. Hi Lizzy. So nice to see your pictures. I want to come to this beach so badly. Perhaps some day i can. It's hard for me to believe there is so little traffic on it, given your location. Love your quilted hand. The index finger looks fine as is. Maybe a little arthritic? lol. I love it and your little french floral hearts as well. Email coming.


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