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Monday, March 14, 2011

In Just Spring....

in Just-spring when the
world is mud-luscious...and all the...

ee cummings

Hi! Here at the beach we don't look for the first robin of spring....

(We might wait forever---or til October anyway!) What I eagerly await each year is the return of the oystercatchers.
Traditionally they appear on St Paddy's Day, but last  week's high winds must have blown them here earlier....

And on Saturday (March 12th), as I walked on the empty white sand, I was thrilled to see the arrival of  the clown-like big birds...

...dressed in their chic black and white plumage, with their enormous orange beaks and bright pink legs!

Even as I walked that afternoon small flocks of four or six were flying in from the south.

This is what awaits them here, no wonder they come back each March!

They are quite shy right now. This is the threesome that lives just east of my beach and have been coming for maybe 8 years now. They are fairly tame....

But they don't like their pictures taken, I am paparazzi to them.
Here's the very shy pair who live on my dunes...

And other pairs and threesomes* spread all up and down the three or four miles of my shore. I was so happy t see them!

And later to find, in a patch of dune scrub---bayberry and beach pines---this magnificent tree-sized pussywillow, covered with grey velvet catkins.

Ah...March. So sweet.

PS  Do you have a special bird you watch for? My parents always noted the return of their Mr. Greenbird, a charteuese pine warbler who came every year. Or maybe you search for the first crocus? Snowdrops....mud? lol! Tell me!



gone to the beach..................

(*Ornithogists differ on the reason Oystercatchers often  live in groups of three. I think it's a big baby who won't leave home! Or a maybe female with two husbands. Bird sites say it is a male with two females but in all the years I have watched the OCs the groups of three only have one nest...so one female, in my opinion.)


  1. The return of those beautiful birds surely must mean Spring is on it's way? They're interesting birds.
    I look for my Daffodils to poke up out of the ground as a sign warmer weather is coming. I see you have some beautiful flowers already blooming. :)

  2. I just love your shore birds! What a treat. I look for the first batch of robins. I will usually just be wandering thru the house and all of a sudden, a movement will catch my eye and there they are: a tree full of robins. I just adore birds! Happy Spring! Kit

  3. Love the pictures Lizzy and the story about the oystercatchers. You are educating me on something I love (birds) but know nothing about. Very interesting and I love that you talk of them as family to you. Me, I look for buds on my Lilacs, tulip bulbs poking through and green life in general.

  4. In a world of change, it is nice to know that there are some things that are a constant. How lovely to see the return of your oystercatchers. Guess they don't believe that two's company and three's a crowd. HA! Best wishes and blessings, tammy


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