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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St Paddy's Day!

Into each day
put about one teaspoonful
 of good spirits
a dash of fun
a pinch of folly a sprinkle of play
and a heaping cupful of good humor.

Add some green beer and have a Happy St Patrick's Day!

some wonderful vintage postcards....

I love the big American flag!

Note his very NY Dutch name!

So sweet---violets...and good luck!

Mid-March! The garden stores are filled with tiny daffodils and pansies!

For some reason, fresh firm, green artichokes appear on St-Patrick's Day, along with new asparagus and the requisite corned beef and cabbage.....

shamrock green butterfly on Irish linen "blouse"...in my etsy shop

And Irish soda bread...yum! When I was growing up in the Midwest my town used to dye the river green! Probably that's no longer "done"---but in New York the pubs do sell green beer (eeew!).

 I am making shepherd's pie: the day is sunny and warmish but brisk winds are blowing....The guys at the grocery store gave me a green carnation! What do you do for this holiday?



gone to the beach.......


  1. Love the postcards and the green butterfly pin! One year my mom dyed the mashed potatos green for St. Pat's - an no one would eat them! Probably my kids would have...they used to color their cream of wheat awful colors of purple, orange, and green!
    Shepherd's pie sounds so good -- can I come to your house for dinner??!!

  2. Your pictures are beautiful and I love your butterfly too. Reminded me to go and get som bulbs to force although I noticed my tulips coming up today, hooray! Signs of Spring for real.

  3. We had a wonderful St. Patty's Day. I made the yummy Corn Beef and Cabbage New England dinner and gave my co-workers bags of Irish Cream Candy. I found out I am part Irish this year and it made for an even nicer celebration. Love your butterfly pin! Kit


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